v5 is in the pipeline

Approximately 1 year since V4, and i’ll be honest, im not really digging the green as much anymore.

Minor also, but i generally tend to not ever update until I switch versions, because I am terrified of everything breaking, so im about 20 versions behind whatever is the current version of wordpress.

Aims/Goals for V5 Site redesign
– allow more horizontal space in post body for photography
– Widen the website design in general, current website is designed with a width of 1040px, the current average resolution has increased to 1366×768 (even though it’s very likely that my average viewer is using something much higher given the content is primarily aimed at gamers)
– return to my ‘roots’ with a blue theme
– establish a more professional, grown up look
– try to make a logo

So far it’s looking like grey, blue, lightblue but we will see. I’ve never really been a massive fan of websites that are too white, purely on the basis that they hurt to look at for too long. If anyone has any good wordpress themes they think I might be interested in, do link.

Hopefully I can get it all done and ready before I go on my next bizarre adventure to thailand at the end of June.