Life – May 2014


Hope y’all like it, it’s very slightly more minimalistic than I had in mind, and try as I might, couldn’t really think up a good logo/emblem thing, but I think the banner looks pretty clean. Instead of heavily editing the default wordpress theme like I did for V4 (aka. a LOT of css editing) i’m using the Virtue theme this time, it required a fair bit of work to get it to look how I wanted it, sure. But in general it was pretty easy and fast to get going. The layout isn’t exactly what I wanted, but beggars can’t be choosers, and the alternative is to learn how to make a theme from scratch, so i’ll deal with it.



Suddenly, ALL the games are out or coming out, and i’m sitting here stuck at work (literally, im typing this at work from a British Gas office). Child of light is on my laptop at home, but other than that, wolfenstein came out yesterday, theres also supergiant’s Transistor being released later today, and then watch dogs is at the end of this week I believe. It’s a nice change from the massive drought of games we had over winter/spring, but at the same time, Dynasty Warriors 8 XL was released on PC the past week as well, and i’ll be honest, all I really want to do is just play that (slaughtering one mirrion troops at hulao gate never gets old)


Other Life

Went up to Warwick for a friend’s housewarming party on the weekend, was pretty nice, and I’m sort of jealous that I don’t have a job good enough to actually afford to get my own place – not only that, but given my current work schedule i’d hardly spend any time in the house anyway. I really can’t wait to get somewhere of my own, just so that I can decorate it exactly the way I want.
The party itself was fairly neato, just a small gettogether with university friends, we drank lots and played cards against humanity, the Icelandic Schnaps I bought turned out to be fairly vile, like a mix between vodka and sambuca or something, grim.


Next Holiday

Turns out it’s not going to be Thailand as I thought, though that’s still on the calendar, penned in for early July. Nope, in 3 weeks or so I will be off to Tallinn, Estonia for a few days to meet up with old internet accomplice l-fel. I originally spent some excess annual leave to book the days off for e3, but after recently cleaning up the travel page on my blog I got a real urge to just do something spontaneous and get out there and see more of the world. This kind of got the cogs turning and I got the idea to go and watch E3 at l-fels house, and at the same time see what Tallinn has to offer. It wouldn’t be a bizarre adventure if I stayed at home and just went to work every day right?
So yeah, it’ll be just 3 nights, and probably significantly less eventful than other full fledged holidays I’ve been on, but at the same time, im almost not looking at it as a holiday and more of a just ‘meeting an old friend’ kind of trip. Regardless, i’m excited but slightly scared too.



More on this when it happens, but the British Gas windows 7 upgrade project seems to be coming to a close, there is only 2 weeks of deployment and support left, and then we’ll be moved on to other projects. Some of my colleagues are moving onto a government project replacing a few tens of thousands of computer units, it looks like i’ll be on the Boots (a pharmacist) windows 7 project though, upgrading about 10-15 computers at night after the shops have closed.



Seem to have gotten much closer with my brother recently, a good sign perhaps that he is finally starting to leave the teen angst phase of his life, where everyone is out to get him etc. It’s nice that he can take a joke now, and I feel like many things recently have helped us bond and spend time together, korean TV show Running Man, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and games like Dynasty Warriors have helped us get back to where we once were