MCM Expo 2014

A sort of standard day of MCM this year, they did change the layout and seem to make it generally less accessible than last time though. The previous times ive gone, you just walk inside and purchase a ticket, this year however it seems they had changed the setup and now you had to queue around 2 hours to get a ticket for entry (£12).

As such, kind of arrived there and just walked around outside and looked at all the cosplay (and there was LOTS of it), met up with some university friends, had a chat, stared at all the people..

Eventually, rain happened, like, crazy rain, as a result, the entire line for the queue had disappeared, and everyone outside with wristbands rapidly went back inside – a chance opportunity for scum like myself to sneak their way in, and so I did. Even though it was cramped as shit inside, still some interesting stuff to see inside. I didn’t get a chance to try Evolve sadly, the queue for that was too long. I did however pick up another lock knife (as is MCM tradition now) and a helix fossil keychain, so i can praise lord helix wherever I go.