I gave the roulette wheel a spin.

So after a walk around the Stratford Olympic park today, we thought we let me brother check out the aspers casino, since he is now at least old enough to go in.

Had a little walk around inside, and went to stare at the people playing roulette.

Next thing I know, my mum has put a 20 on the table and brought back chips, she gives us £5 worth each.

Black then I guess, i partner with my brother and we all-in on black with an incredible £10 on the line (and by that i mean, the minimum you are allowed to bet on split odds).

comes up… Black.

Rad, im up to £10.

Fuckit, I’m not going to be able to do anything with £10, it all goes on Black again.

comes up… Black!

£20 of chips in front of me now. Though it would be embarrassing to go to the cash out desk with £20 worth of chips (although I 100% wanted to just take the money and run already at this point)

I considered going £20 on black, but thought I would drag it out a little longer, so I put £5 on ‘8’ and £5 on ’28’. Round and round the ball went, my chips already practically gone at this point as far as I’m concerned. The ball dropped into the roulette and hit metal, jumped into the air and landed near 8, the wheel’s wall just too high for me to properly see where it landed.

“Black 8”

The dealer placed a metal marker on top of the chips on ‘8’…. my chips.

my jaw drops. no fucking way. I wonder what the payout is? 10 times? maybe more?
My mum turns to me, how much is that? what did you win? The dealer overhears and looks up and smiles, “£175”
“Oh my god.”, she literally starts jumping around.



Aaaaaaaaaaaand it’s time to leave.

Total chips: £190
Mind = Blown