Life – June 2014


Work has been going smooth recently, after the british gas support thing finished up, I’ve been moved onto Boots windows 7 installs, which is a pretty piss easy job of going to the site and basically just switching desktop PC’s with one’s in boxes and then running a few scripts and tests. They have informed me however that in approximately a month i’ll be switching departments so to speak, and going from being a project engineer (where you work with one client for months at a time) to breakfix, which is a bit more of a IT repairman sort of job and requires visiting multiple sites per day.
I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this yet, on one hand it will almost definitely mean more work and less early finishes, but at the same time because the bonuses switch to an almost commission based structure, there is more potential for earning if I work hard, which I almost always do. Project engineers are paid on time, so most of them take 8 hours to do a 4 hour job – something I often can’t be bothered to do, waiting around always kind of annoys me so I tend to just work hard and then go home and as such i’m way behind on hours owed.


Going alright so far, since my run in at the casino, i’ve gone to visit some friends in Hastings (under the guise of work no less), and yesterday me and some old friends went to Meltdown Bar in London, an eSports bar which had league of legends playing on about 6 screens about the bar, and then even an extra screen showing pro smash bros (lol.), there were also a few xboxes and a Wii floating about. Pretty chill place, they could do with more drinks variety though imo.



Been slowly getting back into League, since finishing both dark souls 2 and Dark Souls 1 I haven’t really found anything that has properly gripped me. I’ve been playing through the Battlefield 4 singleplayer a little as well, which is better than expected, and at the very least ‘very pretty’. I also gave that Tobias game a try (, it’s not bad, but the puzzles are a little too random for my liking, though there are some cool moments. I wanted to finish it and give it a proper review but I doubt i’ll actually be able to force my way through the whole thing.


Season is coming to its end, most of the shows this season turned out to be very mediocre, but out of the darkness, a hero has arisen.
Ping Pong is literally the best thing I have seen in ages, it’s use of imagery, its direction, the soundtrack, the story and characters, and the way it doesn’t force its way, it has a story to tell and does it concisely in 11 episodes, and it is goddamn incredible. If you have the time to watch it, definitely worth.