Google Glass

Had the pleasure today of trying out Google Glass, they had a small pop up in Kings Cross London so me and a friend went along to take a look.
We were given a quick tutorial of how to use it and got to try it on and try out some basic functions before being unleashed out into the area to try out a few of the other apps that were loaded onto various glass’s.

The Google Glass itself is pretty light, and small, the left side is pretty standard glasses fare, while the right side is thicker and contains the battery at the back, and then a  bar for touch controls followed by the camera and the actual display module itself, one thing I actually didn’t know until I attended the event was the ‘speaker’ in the side which works by vibrating against bone near your ear – unfortunately however you can only really hear it if you put your finger over your ear, maybe this is different in quiet environments though.

Google Glass itself seemed very interesting, the display however I found equal parts too high up, and too in my face at the same time though – being annoying when I’m trying to ignore its presence, and not being too small and hard to focus on when I actually want to use it. The voice commands seemed to work the majority of the time, however the area we were in was pretty noisy so mileage obviously varies. The touch controls were pretty spot on though, with a variety of tap and swipe gestures on the side to select, go back or scroll.
Some slightly more interesting features were things like ‘look upwards to wake’ and ‘wink to take a picture’, apps demonstrated were interesting, with one analyzing music and retrieving song lyrics, and another being able to live translate foreign text into english before displaying it in glass.

Staff and freebies were very nice, employees seemed very enthusiastic about the product, and there was also plenty of free food floating around and a fridge for free drinks.

Overall, I doubt i’ll be picking up a Google Glass anytime soon, especially not for the price of £1000, but I think it is a very interesting glance at the future to come, in 5 years the AR glasses market will surely be impressive. The google glass project is already very usable, and the resolution on the tiny screen was impressive, just not quite comfortable to be used in everyday life yet.

As a beside, we went for dinner at the blues bar in Camden, and they messed up our order and gave us the deluxe ribs platter instead of the normal one, hell yeah.