Singapore 2014 – Day 5 (part 1/2) – Tian Tian Chicken Rice and the Singapore City Gallery

We bid goodbye to Singapore again today as we are flying to Phuket Thailand in the afternoon, our flight is at 4pm so we still have some time to burn before returning to the lovely Changi airport, not to mention the airport is only 20 minutes away by taxi anyway.

After a delayed start due to packing and some stomach issues we are out and exploring the local area of chinatown once again, it feels too risky to venture too far out considering our luggage is at the hotel still so we would play it safe and get some food and doing a little shopping before calling a cab. We made our way once again to maxwell food centre, we had missed out the previous few times due to the shop being closed or not being open yet, but today was the day.

Tian Tian Chicken Rice is without a doubt the most famous hawker stall in Singapore, featured on shows with famous chefs like Anthony Bourdain and winner of a cooking face off against Gordon Ramsay, this double wide stall serves only a small selection of dishes ranging from chicken rice, to chicken and some veg. For the uneducated, when I say chicken rice, I’m not talking about chicken with rice, this is rice cooked in chicken broth, in such a way which makes the rice incredibly moist, fragrant and flavorful on its own, similarly the chicken is prepared with oil and is almost impossibly tender with a great taste and smooth skin. My father has been dying to try the food since we set foot in the country.


The queue speaks for itself, the food was amazing, and should you ever visit Singapore, be sure to give the chicken rice here a try. After eating we would go next door to the Singapore city gallery. The bottom floor was filled with final year university architectural works, including their plans and models for buildings they think will change the country, whilst the upper floors were filled with museum style exhibits about the country and its design, it was an impressive amount of content to be displayed for free and featured multiple 3D maps of the entire city as well as explanations for why the city has been laid out the way it is. Seeing some of the design process behind the curtains really made me realise that whoever is designing this city is doing a hell of a job, filling it with lots of greenery, as well as ensuring people have places to meet, socialize, and view the cityscape.

We grabbed some kueh on the way out from a cafe, these are small sweets/cakes often made from tapioca flour and as such have like a floury jelly texture to them, some are made from coconut or sweet glutinous rice too. Very nice though.

The remainder of our time would be wandering around some more nearby malls and streets filled with food, a wonder that we haven’t already covered all of the ones in the area (apparently 5 shopping malls in 4 blocks is totally necessary and not overkill at all), not a massive amount more to say there, keep a lookout for the woman eating a plate full of chilli, and ‘tu tu kueh’ which was made on the spot for us by stuffing tapioca flour into a cast before filling it with peanut/coconut and then steaming. We would soon return to the hotel and then to the airport by taxi thanks to our concierge (Bliss hotel Singapore 5/5), the plane to Phuket was relatively short at under 2 hours, and was spent mostly listening to really manly death metal and not asian pop.

See you on the other post~