Thailand 2014 – Day 11 – Shopping at MBK and a trip to asiatique

Fairly chilled start today, waking to morning light and the sound of my brother in the shower rather than the harsh tones of the telephone or doorbell. Our last day in Bangkok Thailand, dad had already made a point that we were going to Terminal 21 for breakfast again, the walk to the mall feeling almost a natural part of the day at this point, breakfast would be a throwback to my first day in Bangkok, a slightly less spicy variation of the spicy sour noodle dish I had before, followed by another dish of crispy noodles with pork. Our last day would be spent mostly shopping, taking advantage of the ridiculously cheap prices in Bangkok (shirts approx £2-5).

A train ride to ‘National stadium’ on the skyrail later, we were in front of the MBK shopping mall, less popular among tourists, but known for having the best prices. The mall itself was a little older than some of the others we had been to, but still a respectable 6 floors or so, and filled to the brim with shops. Similar to Terminal 21, each of the floors seemed to have their own focus, floor 3 for example had many clothes shops, including a labyrinth of small shops towards one side, probably a 10×10 grid of small shops, all selling clothing – if you turn too many times you may lose your way, especially since it’s not possible to see any end walls depending on where you stand. Similarly, the 4th floor was almost entirely tech, with literally thousands of phones on sale, along with cameras, tripods, selfie monopods, phone cases, thousands of cables.. etc. I have no idea how any of these shops are making money when there are about 10 shops in a row all selling exactly the same thing.

We’d end up spending hours in the mall, before stopping briefly for some sushi (too hungry to take pictures), from here we’d head back to the hotel to drop off all the shopping, and then head out again to Asiatique. Asiatique is an evening market on the riverfront, the main mode of access is by boat – of which a free transfer boat runs every 15 minutes or so from the central port (same place we got the boat from the other day). This boat trip was significantly easier to take, a shorter trip with no stop-offs, only a destination – and as a bonus, no thai lady screaming constantly demanding money from foreigners.

Asiatique was fairly easy to spot, a giant ferris wheel in the background accompanied by lit restaurants by the riverside and signs and statues for teens to selfie against. Wandering into the market area itself leads to rows and rows of small individually owned stores, there were also numerous restaurants and food stalls scattered about. On the far side, a giant theatre with booking office, complete with giant speaker playing music for a video running nearby, a muay thai theatre show – I envision something similar to the sound of music or wicked, but with large thai people jump kicking each other and elbowing stuff, would have loved to watch it, but sadly did not. Night started to roll round and I got to have some fun with my camera again.

We’d soon head back to do a little more shopping and have dinner, nothing particularly noteworthy that you haven’t already heard, but a great opportunity for us to get the most out of our money, i’ll need to go through my wardrobe again when I get home and throw out old clothes to make room for all these new ones. Dinner was at a vietnamese place (too hungry again to take photos as we ate at 9:30pm), some great rice noodle dishes which were sweet and spicy, the pho was lovely too.

All in all, a little bit of a boring day to blog about, the majority being shopping and/or eating, but it had to be done at some point. I also kind of needed a more relaxed day after the elephants yesterday, my body is sort of a wreck after this holiday – my thighs hurt, my shoulders hurt, and i’ve been constipated for 4 days now. Would have liked to go to another temple or something but they are close at around 5pm, and going during the day would have been near suicide due to the hot weather.

Tomorrow morning we head back, our taxi for the airport leaving at 6:30am, we’ve had a good run in Thailand but we all sadly have work to do :'<