What you should be watching this season – Summer 2014 Anime Roundup

Whilst a common theme anyway, Summer 2014 brings with it a large collection of school life comedy shows along with a small selection of interesting looking action shows.

As usual, opinions are based on 2 or 3 episodes of the show, as such it is only an educated guess into how the show will actually progress and whether or not you should give it a look.

For those that dislike or don’t have time to follow many shows, i’ve added a top 3 this season tier for what I anticipate to be the best shows this 3 month slot.

Top 3 this Season

Note: Space Dandy 2 is in the Sequels tier because it’s technically on its second season – even if the episodes are all pretty standalone. It is easily the best thing airing this season.


Barakamon - 1 - Baraka Kodon - [Anime-Koi](31daa0bc).mkv - 00000Story of a guy going out to the countryside to practice calligraphy, there he meets an adorable playful little girl. It’s a heartwarming comedy, somewhat similar to the fantastic Usagi Drop from a few years ago.


Terror in Resonance

Zankyou no Terror - 1 - Falling - [Commie](705b72de).mkv - 00000

A terrorist group who announces their plans before carrying through with them, and a detective who is on their trail… Sound familiar? While the characters are vastly different, and the atmosphere completely different, i’m getting slight death note vibes from this one. In addition, it’s directed by Watanabe Shinichiro – of Cowboy Bebop / Samurai Champloo


Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul - 2 - Incubation - [HorribleSubs](7bf4ad54).mkv - 00001

Dark action show, a world filled with ‘ghouls’ – beings which feed on humans and have powers. Seems to be dealing with main characters feelings well, emphasizing on his unable to adjust to suddenly having to live off human flesh, a nice change from shows where the MC just kind of accepts it. It’s an action show as well of course, with the ghouls having powers and having their own territories.


Watcha these?

Akane Ga Kill

Akame ga Kill! - 2 - Kill the Authority - [Doki](d71c25cf).mkv - 00001

Teen enters a group of assassins and starts murdering dudes, a slightly basic premise, but it’s done well enough to be interesting.


Monthly Girls – Nozaki kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 2 - Say Hello to the New Heroine - [Underwater](03af5332).mkv - 00000

Comedy about a hit shoujo manga artist actually being a guy, the story follows a girl who starts work as his assistant. I’m enjoying it so far, lots of funny scenes and the main character is very lovable (and has some fantastic facial expressions)


Majimoji Rurumo

Majimoji Rurumo - 1 - I Will Grant You Your Wish - [Anime-Koi](6956b169).mkv - 00002

The worst in this tier, being on the border of good and mediocre. Follows Witch rurumo and perverted main character, reminds me a ton of Henneko. These show itself isn’t amazingly good, but witch Rurumo is so adorable that she is basically carrying the show on her own right now.


Probably not watcha these


Girl can see glimpses into the future, interesting premise but slightly boring execution – fairly standard stuff for PA works I guess (nice to watch, but stuff doesn’t really happen)


Might be the best of the bad ‘cute school girls do cute things’ genre this season. A bunch of girls trying to make a dance group. Probably the catchiest OP of the season however.

Tokyo ESP

Seems like a fairly generic superpower action show, some of the characters have some interesting powers but the show itself seems to have pretty bad storytelling.



Persona 4 the Golden animation

This show isn’t a remake of the original Persona 4 Animation as I initially expected, but rather a collection of side ventures which aren’t really connected to the main plot – Great for P4 fans, but not really worth watching if you haven’t played the game or seen the original P4 animation series.

Space Dandy 2

Still the dandiest guy in space, still 10/10 show – even if the episodes seem to be getting more and more bizarre. Episodes are made by a selection of different directors which make for an incredibly unpredictable ride. Episodes are still hit and miss, but the hits are SO good – episode 3 this season was the funniest thing i’ve seen in ages, and episode 4 is a goddamn high school musical episode.

Sword Art Online II

Honestly really disappointing so far, very slow starting – if it weren’t a continuation of SAO it probably would have been dropped by now because all we’ve seen are some dumb scenarios. (derp, lets come down from my vantage point to fight this guy with a minigun with my sniper rifle…)

Free! Eternal Summer

Gay Swimming sequel, still charming and vaguely K-ON like, though I wish it wasn’t about buff dudes in swimwear.


Do not watcha these.

Blue Spring Ride

Shoujo Romance show, doesn’t seem awwwful but I didn’t find it at all enjoyable, characters seem kind of boring for this sort of show.

Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?

Similar to Kanoflag from last season, ridiculous setup into a not even sly harem situation. All the characters are basically caricatures.


Bit of an idol show with the singing and the dancing… Never really been to into these.

Rail Wars

Story of teens that work at a train station or some shit, i dunno. Pretty uninteresting, even the fanservice they are giving isn’t enough to keep me watching this one.

Jinsei Soudan

Aka. Kids who sit around in school in some sort of club and just talk to each other. It’s hard to tell if the shows are just repeating or what, because this show feels a lot like Love Lab from 2 seasons ago, and honestly that one wasn’t good either.


Please no watcha these.


Momo kyun Sword