Life – July 2014

An eventful start of the month followed by a very uneventful end of the month – as you had probably gathered, the first 2 weeks or so were spent on Holiday in Singapore and Thailand, I briefly mention it towards the final blog post of the holiday, but I ended up with some sort of skin infection on the lower legs due to parasites in the water with the elephants. The week after being back from holiday was spent off work sitting around and washing my legs with dettol every few hours or so, the pain in my legs so bad that at one point I was unable to sleep or walk properly. It has thankfully cleared up since then, though my legs are still kind of scabby from the boils that formed. Gross.

The week off let me catch up on a bunch of the shows that had built up during my holiday time, and let me do my quarterly anime write up which was nice. I also got some time to play the fantastic Katawa Shoujo, and if im honest, since then I feel like i’ve forgotten how to play games, and haven’t really found anything to grab my interest.

The past week (ongoing) has been mostly off work as well, my workplace are trying to switch me from a projects engineer to a mobile engineer – basically meaning im turning into a repair man. They’ve poorly tried to get me to follow another engineer around, but seem to have forgotten to actually train me or teach me anything – It’s all good and easy to just follow an experienced engineer about the place, but doing it solo is another thing entirely, not to mention that so far the calls i’ve participated in have been all failures anyway.

Have been considering starting the job searching up again, though spending half an hour on a job site today already sent me into a mild state of clinical depression, this is brought up partly by the poor management at my current job, as well as my mum discussing that we may have to move house soon – there is apparently talk of a mosque being constructed in my town, and while im no racist, one certainly can’t deny that their community doesn’t bring the best stereotypes with it. If I could somehow find a better job, it would at least give me a chance of moving out and living with a friend or someone as i’ll have to be moving anyway.