Typing of the dead Overkill Review

So, i’ll start by saying that the original Typing of the Dead is a classic, a fantastic spin off based on a true arcade classic – ToTD had solid visuals, was responsive, had a memorable soundtrack and some unintentionally fantastic voice acting and script (goldman’s monologue will forever be one of my favorites).
Typing of the dead 2 was also a thing, only released in Japan, it was based on House of the Dead 3, and was decent, gameplay still solid and responsive, with a good flow to it – even if it was a nightmare trying to type anything because all of the text was in japanese.

What in the hell then, happened to this series. Typing of the Dead Overkill is a complete mess, mostly due to the fact that it is based on the Wii house of the dead game of similar name – The house of the dead Overkill, the problem however, is some things work on lightgun which don’t transfer over very well to keyboard and typing… and so, it’s time for another rapid fire round of ‘Why the Typing of the Dead Overkill sucks’

HOTD_NG 2014-08-28 18-07-18-52

1) The game flow is abysmal
In the original HOTD games, your character would sprint around until he found some zombies, he would spin around and there would be more, or zombies would be literally falling into your path as you moved around. TOTD:O makes a futile attempt of trying to make the game more realistic and sensible, zombies now feel the need to dramatically get up from the floor, or burst out of cupboards a few seconds after you enter the room, rather than simply be there. It’s not like they are hiding for drama or suspense, we fucking know they are in there and about to come out, and even after they come out, they are often of no immediate threat anyway, simply sprinting through the doorway and then slowly lumbering their way over to the player before standing there for a few seconds. It all just feels very clumsy and slow – having to wait for enemies to appear is a bore – even if it is only one or two seconds.

2) The levels are not memorable, or interesting in any way
I can’t remember any of the levels, I think there was one based in a circus, and one on a train? No idea on the others. There are nine levels, but honestly who gives a shit when I can replay any of them and not have any recollection of whether i’ve ever played it before?

HOTD_NG 2014-08-28 18-09-27-33

3) The graphics are dogshit
Perhaps we have the Wii to thank for this, but the game looks absolutely awful – barely on par with dreamcast graphics. Filters and other screen effects are applied at times, but honestly they only make the game look worse.

4) Powerups are shit
Other than the health pickup, the only other pick up you’ll find is a slo-mo one, which reduces EVERYTHING to a halt, you’ll activate slo-mo, kill the two zombies in front of you and then be forced to sit around for literally 5 seconds while your character moves to the next area in slow motion. This is retarded, a WAY better option would have been the opposite, a rampage powerup, which speeds the game up and dumbs down the difficulty for a short period of time, letting you clear rooms faster and increase your combo counter – but then whoever was in the charge of the production of this game is a retard and would never be able to think up such a mechanic, let alone see it’s implementation through.

5) Graphics are seriously dogshit
I mean fucking hell, the textures are flat and come straight from the sega saturn era, the models look like they were made by interns or kids who are learning maya for the first time.

HOTD_NG 2014-08-28 18-11-36-55

6) The game tries incredibly hard to be funny, but the script and voice acting are more likely to send you into clinical depression than evoke laughter

HOTD_NG 2014-08-28 18-05-33-12

Ugh. The whole game is like this as well, the scriptwriter evidently though that “motherfucker” = ‘epic lolz’ or whatever.

HOTD_NG 2014-08-28 18-19-29-08

7) Music is awful and not memorable at all
I don’t give a shit if HOTD 1 and 2 used like, one track for most of the game, at least it was a good one.

8) Words that they ask you to type or all over the damn place
Shit with hyphens in, stuff with apostrophes, and a few bits with commas as well. Complex is not good, complex is not fun. Players want to feel empowered, we want to flex our fingers and show off our sweet WPM, we want to break in our new keyboards with long strings of common words we use everyday – we’d rather not have to attempt to type shit like ‘Chitinous Exoskeleton’

HOTD_NG 2014-08-28 17-29-20-07
9) Reused animations, and quicktime events
There have been about 7 times now, where a zombie grabs on to you, and does this unbearably long grab sequence quicktime event where you have to type out a word before it completes its animation, and you have to do this 4 times or so before the avatar fends off the attack – and kills the zombie with a VERY lengthy animation, this animation is also reused at multiple points in the game, sometimes in the same level – and it is just as awful as it sounds.

10) Bosses are almost unbearably boring
Bosses are more of a test of your patience than your skill, they tend to have around 3 attacks each and then just rotate through them, with lots of long animation and invulnerability inbetween. A boss fight can take maybe shy of 5 minutes to kill, just waiting for it to finish jumping around and attempt to attack you, where you can then type at it and then wait 10 seconds for the next choreographed attack. It is painfully slow and boring.


Typing of the Dead Overkill is an absolute disappointment for fans of the series, fans of typing, or fans of fun.
Much like the zombies you fight, this game is completely devoid of any real character, and falls flat in just about every way imaginable.

Approximate Game Length : <3hrs
Actual Worth / Steam Price: £0.20 / £15 = 0.013
Should you play it : No, Pirate the game to spite the devs and then go and play the original Typing of the dead instead.

Rating: 1/5