Life – August 2014

A fairly uneventful month, mostly spent floating the southeast of the country for work, can’t say I even did that much other than work and sit at home – after the lull of work last month where they were unsure what work to give me, the previous few weeks have been busier – with full 9-5 days and even work on some Saturdays (they even want me to go in for some shitty training thing this saturday :/ )

In terms of games, didn’t even really play that much – I completed some ‘classics’ early in the month (blog post on that later) and other than that, only really played a little bit of league along with going along to the arcade a few times for the bemanis – or at least I was, until the pop’n machine broke and got turned into pop’n 8, and then a week later they got broken into and have been closed since… I did complete Season 2 of the walking dead today, and while it was good (no doubt about that), it’s hardly the level of climax that season one managed to provide.

Not sure if I mentioned this last time, but have been once again trying to get back on the japanese language learning train with the help of memrise, it’s still hard, but I think the mems and gamification of the website helps a lot – scoring points for learning?! SWEET BRO. What do the points do? absolutely fuckin nowt. That said though, if anyone uses it, feel free to add me, im ‘mengplex’ as usual.

In terms of recent acquisitions, those who follow me on twitter may have seen my new keyboard, the gorgeous Corsair k70 with brown switches. There wasn’t really anything wrong with my old keyboard, but I felt like the keys were starting to stick a little and had some money spare from my tax rebate so I thought id treat myself. I’ve only had it two days so far but it’s really put the joy back into typing, on occasion while watching anime or something I feel like I just want to type something – anything. The switches are lovely to type on but they are fairly loud compared to my old rubber dome, even though I specifically went for the browns (which are quieter than blues), I’ve ordered some O-rings which should hopefully turn up in a day or two, so we’ll see how that goes.


Other than that… hmmm… Started getting back into Titanfall, it kind of started off as just getting footage for my sweet montage movie (which you’ve hopefully seen by now) but while recording I began to remember what appealed so much in the first place – similarly the kraber sniper rifle which I used to hate, is so much fun to use, even if i do suck with it.
Aforementioned montage video was great fun to make, and a nice change of pace for the two evening I spent editing it. I’d love to make more videos but good inspiration is hard to come by. Maybe there will be more montage videos in the future, who knows.