Mopping up some old games..

Deus Ex HR

A game that could have been so much more? Hey look we give you all these ways to go about completing the level! – except if you actually try to do anything of them aside from stealth we’re going to murder you. Okay so like, granted I played the game on Hard mode, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? It felt somewhat unfair to be given masses of weapons and ammo only to be basically pigeonholed into playing the stealth route anyway. The story is also complete rubbish, but god knows i wasn’t playing it for that. I’d also like to state here that I hate games with forced ‘hacking’ mechanics which are boring and take too long, especially if hacking is basically an integral part of the game that you’ll require to progress.
Probably the one thing that I thought the game did well, was the ability to murder key characters and have that actually mess up or change quest lines – one of the early missions for example has a guy want you to deal with 2 thugs before he will hand over some information… You can instead, however just knock him out and take the information by force – that was neato.

Darkness 2

An almost shockingly fun and good game? Felt a lot like the old arcadey run and gun FPS games of the past, sprinting through with akimbo SMG’s and just murdering everyone, with some darkness powers to change up the experience every now and then. It does the upgrade system pretty well too, giving XP for kills and style, and each upgrade tree being pretty significantly different. This was the only game on this list that I actually went ahead and played through twice – the second playthrough on hard actually being more fun than the first playthrough due to new game plus and keeping all of your upgrades. The gunplay is really satisfying, which is a nice change of pace from the rest of the games in this list, shots to the face kill most enemies, and there is often little need to use the ADS aside from precision aiming, something which isn’t really necessary when you can have a shotgun primary and dualies for backup.

Spec Ops: the Line

A pretty boring third person cover shooter, the story tried to do some interesting things around morality choices and such, and at one point I thought it was really on to something… but then the finale comes around and it just squanders it all. I feel like it probably says something that I would rather play 50 cent’s blood on the sand (again) rather than play through this borefest for a second time.

Bioshock 2

I actually gave Bioshock 2 a try back when it first came out and didn’t enjoy it enough to keep playing, a bioshock game where I play as a daddy? ehhh…
It’s… not all that, like the first Bioshock game but without the good story. The shooting is mediocre, the plasmid shit is ehhh
Im not sure what they were thinking when they made Bioshock 2, but im sure glad they got it together before they made infinite.