EGX 2014 – Highlights

Another year, another games expo at Earls Court. Many games this year as usual, in particular a massive booths from both microsoft and sony trying to demo their new gen exclusives, many of the big games had ridiculous queue times … Read More

Silent Hill 2 complete!

Been wanting to play through Silent HIll 2 for a fair while, with it being supposedly one of the best horror games of all time. I would say this statement is perhaps a little exaggerated, and I think the horror … Read More

Hatoful Boyfriend (PC) Review

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Hatoful boyfriend, a dating sim involving a human girl in a high school filled with talking pigeons. Half of me went in expecting something retarded, and yet after playing the brilliant Katawa … Read More

The great anime crisis of 2014

Regular animewatchers will likely have noticed by now that nyaatorrents (arguably the most well known anime torrent site) has been up and down recently (but mostly down). Supposedly they are being DDOS’s from Japan, or at least that was the … Read More

Anime Spotlight : Senyuu

Relatively unheard of anime that I personally had no idea existed. 26 episodes, however each episode is about 3 minutes long. Senyuu is a show detailing a hero’s quest to defeat the demon lord, however the show is so incredibly … Read More