Anime Spotlight : Senyuu

Relatively unheard of anime that I personally had no idea existed. 26 episodes, however each episode is about 3 minutes long. senyuu Senyuu is a show detailing a hero’s quest to defeat the demon lord, however the show is so incredibly tongue in cheek¬†that it’s incredible. The entire show is basically a giant parody on stereotypical anime and video game concepts, and it’s done pretty damn well.
Mileage with this one way vary, the more anime you’ve watched the more you’ll probably get out of it, but there is certainly something for everyone here, and at 3mins an episode it’s not hard to watch an episode or two to gauge whether or not you are on the same page as the show’s humour. Evidently by the low anidb rating, not many people were, but i’ve been finding it one of the funniest shows in a long time.

Torrents for both seasons are in this rar. –¬† And here’s a very short preview if you fancy it.