The great anime crisis of 2014

Regular animewatchers will likely have noticed by now that nyaatorrents (arguably the most well known anime torrent site) has been up and down recently (but mostly down). Supposedly they are being DDOS’s from Japan, or at least that was the case last I checked. A week or two ago multiple other fansub sites were also down, forcing many to resort to the dark ages of XDCC’ing from IRC bots to get their anime fix.

It’s easier to find light in the darkness however, and as such many people have been enlightened into other avenues to which they can download.

My personal find was the kind of amazing ‘Shana Project’ –¬†

For the most part, it works like a conventional torrent website, however it’s ability to sort files by series or subtitle group means it is much easier to find what you want. Then there is the most powerful function, the RSS feature – Say you follow 7 live shows, you can basically ‘follow’ these shows on the website, designating what subtitling group you prefer, and what quality you want it in. From here, all you need to do is set up the RSS in your torrent client, and the website will basically automatically send all of the new files released matching your criteria straight into your client. No more ‘I wonder if X is out yet’, if it’s out, your torrent client will receive it and automatically start downloading it for you (assuming you set it up that).

It’s AMAZING, and I can’t believe i’ve been doing it the old fashioned way for so long – I thought I was already ahead of the curve when I started using anidb’s notification system to tell me when files are out, but this is basically the next level of that.