Silent Hill 2 complete!

Been wanting to play through Silent HIll 2 for a fair while, with it being supposedly one of the best horror games of all time.
I would say this statement is perhaps a little exaggerated, and I think the horror genre has kind of moved forward since, however Silent Hill 2 holds up surprisingly well to this day, and probably IS one of the scarier games out there for sure.

While the graphics leave much to be desired, the atmosphere created solely by the incredible audio and claustrophobic camera angles is enough to really keep you on edge throughout. I do think there are maybe too many enemies which makes them lose their scare factor a little, but after playing a little of Silent hill 3, maybe SH2 is actually tame in this aspect, still though, less enemies but more danger would have been better imo.

Through the magic of modern technology, I streamed the entire playthrough, and hitbox are good enough to actually archive all streamed footage – which means that for a while at least, the entire playthrough is available online for viewing. I am tempted to make a best of collection of scary moments but at the same time, kind of a lot of effort.

If you are interesting in watching a little – though be warned I feel like majority of the game is spent just looking at my map screen –¬†¬†that link, and then ‘videos’ will bring up all the saved vids. The playthrough is actually around 9 hours long D: