“Can we be friends?” – The day Meng got reverse psychology’d

So went to the arcade today as I had some spare time from work, playing IIDX when one of the local passes by and stops to watch. After I finish playing he comes up and says something to the effect of…

“That was amazing, can we be friends?”

I thought he was joking.

M: “uh, yeah, sure I guess.”

R: “Can I have your number then so we can talk later?”

UHHHHH. What is happening to me right now. I dont even. This would have been a prime time to pickpocket me because I was so fucking confused as to what was happening.

M: “uh.. you can have my skype?”

Oh god what the fuck am I even saying. I just got played. This is like when you go to the market and they say £10, you say £5 and they agree to give it to you for £7 when the item only costs £2. It was like being assaulted by Derren Brown doing a documentary on psychology. I’ve definitely seen this shit somewhere in a textbook, ask something so ridiculous that they try to compromise by giving what you actually want. Goddamnit.

R: “Yeah cool, whats your name”

< gives stranger skype name >

R: “Do you play league of legends?”


M: “yeah, I used to play a lot, not so much now though”

R: “Can you carry me? Im bronze 3”

Who even announces that? If i was bronze 3 i’d be like ‘NAW I AINT EVEN PLAY LEAGUE, FUCK THAT GAME’


And so, here I am, with some guy called Ace on my skype friends list. I’m still not entirely sure what happened.