The most productive day of work ever (The Car accident)

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So today my van was booked to have it’s service, a nice new looking Fiat 500 delivered to my door in preparation, so that I would still be able to work while my van is taken away to be worked on.

11am hits, still no pickup. Few phone calls later and all I have managed to achieve is getting a complaint sent to the garage.

12pm and still nothing. Another phone call. but no resolution.

Eventually, i get fed up and decide to try and get at least a little bit of work done today, I set out in the rental car and headed for lakeside to do a H&M call, the car is bigger than expected, and driving manual is weird after getting used to my automatic van for so long, Also for some reason the steering wheel is designed in a way to inhibit vision of your speedometer as much as possible, so thats a nice feature.

Approximately 20 minutes of driving later, on the turning going into Grays, I somehow am unable to brake.

My mind goes into a spiral, where are my feet? A shuffling beneath the steering wheel, desperately hoping to slam on the brake pedal.

Clutch, gas, clutch, clutch again. The white car gets closer and closer.

I slam into the back of the stationary BMW at 30ish miles per hour, shunting him forwards somewhat, and causing my own car to finally come to a halt.

We’re both fine thankfully, the owner of the car in front steps out to assess the damage, i’m still glued to my seat trying to process what just happened – some cosmetic damage to the front of my vehicle, the BMW unfortunately didn’t get off so lucky, with part of his bumper realligned, parking sensor guts showing, and shards of red glass on the floor from god knows what. The man is angry, I don’t blame him at all.

And that’s the story of my first and hopefully last car accident, nothing too serious thankfully, but still somewhat of a terrifying experience, what if it were a zebra crossing or similar? People could have died today because of my stupid self. At the very least I think today has been a wakeup call.



The Evil Within (PC) Review

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The Evil Within is supposedly the next big horror game from Shinji Mikami, famed for directing the original Resident Evil’s (Particularly 1 and 4). The latest hyped up survival horror which goes back to pure horror… or so they say. The game is currently hanging around the 70’s and 80’s on metacritic, which is maybe a fair score, however I’m not sold on the reasonings why other review sites are marking it down.

EvilWithin 2014-10-16 20-32-55-44

But let’s start from the beginning, The Evil Within for all intents and purposes plays out as a sequel to Resident Evil 4 and occasionally like the new Resident Evil revelations. The game begins throwing you in to a true horror game, minimal weapons, very sparse ammo supply and some truly horrific enemies out to hunt you, it gradually transitions into a stealth horror as you find yourself devoid of ammunition – relying on stealth kills, avoiding enemies completely or luring them into environmental traps to dispose of them. The third and probably most common style of gameplay in The Evil Within is action horror, slowly guiding Sebastian through environments clearing the way via a succession of headshots before being thrown into a climax with a boss or horde scenario. It’s almost as if TEW forgets it’s way mid way through and then tries to correct itself for the next chapter, i’m unsure if the chapters were developed by different teams or what but they have some real contrasts inbetween them – this surprisingly actually works in TEW’s favour, as slower scarier chapters can often be found before/after intense action chapters and they work to enhance and contrast each other. There is a story here, though it’s more of a driving force to pull sebastian through the game’s twisting environments and to introduce it’s nightmarish creatures in a way which vaguely makes sense.

EvilWithin 2014-10-17 19-29-34-09

So, similar to other games in this genre as of late, you will be given a selection of weapons as the game goes on (though relatively few, due to no proper inventory system – you’ll acquire weapons and use them for the rest of the game), these weapons along with your character can be upgraded by spending points you’ll collect in the game world – unlike most other games you’ll find that playing without upgrading at all is a very very bad time. The weapons by default are fairly weak, as is the main character (who I believe can only sprint for 2 seconds by default – nowhere near enough to outrun a crazy guy swinging around a chainsaw). Perhaps because the defaults are so weak, finally scraping up enough points for an upgrade often feels substantial and ‘a big deal’ – a nice change compared to games which play the ‘increases damage by 2%’ bullshit.

Following on, with all the weapon upgrade systems, it is unsurprising that towards the end of the game, TEW shifts from a horror to a flat out action game, later chapters include being attacked by men with rifles and full body armor, as well as taking out a humvee with a machinegun mounted on top (and then using said machinegun to fight off hordes of enemies). This is a bit of a shame, as the first half of the game does so well in terms of atmosphere and horror elements only to have the end turn into call of duty.

Enemies and environments play a big part in TEW, and the game provides both in abundance. After playing the demo at EGX, I kind of expected the entirety of the game to take place in mansions or psychiatric hospitals but the game provides those and everything inbetween including an unexpected trip to a castle town in broad daylight – somewhere which wouldn’t feel out of place in a dark souls game. Areas match their suited purpose, with extra atmosphere added for quieter sections.

EvilWithin 2014-10-17 00-03-54-51

Enemies are arguably the best part of the game, standard enemies are appreciably creepy but the bosses are truly nightmarish – I’ll refrain from spoiling too much, but every boss is memorable and features their own set of mechanics to dispatch, most importantly all of them will make you fear for your characters life, there were multiple times I was so focused on trying to flee that I didn’t even realise they were able to be attacked. Safe head in particular (used in the promotional footage) is more terrifying than pyramid head in my opinion. A special mention also to a segment in the game with invisible enemies which hardly be seen at all, these enemies typically appear in areas with physics enabled props and complete silence – this segment was in my opinion one of the best parts of the game, as even minor noises coming from behind you will cause your eyes to widen, did that wheelchair just move? or am I imagining things?

EvilWithin 2014-10-18 16-11-55-94

Onto the graphics, they are more than adequate even on the lowest settings on PC, with only low shadow quality causing any noticeable ugliness (low resolution shadow maps) however this is arguably a fault of your own PC rather than the game’s – You could always turn them up at the expense of framerate of course. On that note, many were frustrated that TEW would not support 60fps on PC, but the option is there and can be enabled fairly painlessly, only requiring a console command once per load, I would definitely recommend the PC version over the console version, having played both, even if you are on an aging PC like myself and can only pull 40FPS, the additional 10FPS buffer to prevent it from dipping into the low 20’s (as it does on console) is a real game changer. Though I wouldn’t advise it, you can also change the aspect ratio on PC to get rid of the cinematic letterboxing, or even increase it if you so choose. I found myself paying little attention to it after a few minutes of play though, once you get into the game you’ll likely not realise  the letterboxing is even present. Sound design could be better, ambient noises and music aren’t really powerful enough to set the mood on their own (unlike for example, Silent Hill), there is nothing wrong with the sound, but if they had put more emphasis onto the ambient music the tension could have been even higher.

EvilWithin 2014-10-16 21-18-41-10

As a final note, is the game scary? Well.. Yes and No – there are definitely a ton of points in the game where you will be scared for Sebastian, times where you will audibly say out loud ‘oh god, please no’, yet your weapons are almost always on hand to remind you it’s a game. While I was creeped out at times, or scared of a particular enemy chasing me, there werent any moments during gameplay where I felt like I had to take a break because the game was too stressful or scary – similarly there were no points during play which I felt excessively uncomfortable (unlike a certain Silent Hill’s endless staircase into darkness). As mentioned I feel this is maybe in part due to weak atmospheric audio but also perhaps because despite the low ammo counts and so on, you always feel well equipped enough for the job.


Shinji Mikami pulls through again, a solid action survival horror which really puts into perspective how bad the recent Resident Evil games have become. The Evil Within is well put together and flows well, it’s a shame the game isn’t scarier, but it certainly does enough to unnerve you throughout with it’s great enemy and level design.

Approximate Game Length : 10-15 Hours
Actual Worth / Steam Price: £16 / £25 = 0.64
Should you play it : Yes, especially if you are a fan of the old survival horror games

Rating: 4/5

This is a pretty solid 4/5, the game mostly let down by some occasional FOV issues and identity issues including a lackluster third quarter.

Ps. Console commands you may need: ‘R_swapinterval -1’ sets 60fps cap, ‘R_forceaspectratio 2.0’ forces aspect ratio to 2.0, default is 2.5

What you should be watching this season – Autumn 2014 Anime Roundup

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What you should be watching this Autumn – Now with bonus clarity! Mostly because of how many shows there were this season, and the fact I was forgetting which show was which, new starting this season are 1 line summaries and aggregate scores – each of the two episodes are scored out of 10, for a score out of 20. This’ll hopefully let me filter out the trash into clearer tiers.

Rad Tier:

Hi Scoool! Seha Girl

Seha girls(20) The one with the gillius fucking thunderhead
It’s fantastic and yet awful at the same time. Seha Girls is about personified sega consoles, featuring Megadrive, Saturn and Dreamcast on their journey through various sega games to gain credits to graduate. The style is CGI rather than anime, which on the one hand makes it look clumsy and awkward, yet once they start descending into video game worlds it begins to make more sense why they chose this animation style. While watching, you will be somewhat aware of how bad the show itself is, but at the same time the wealth of Sega references will have you grinning from ear to ear throughout. Seha girls is aimed at video gamers more than fans of anime, which may very well be why I love it so damn much.

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso

Shigatsu no uso(19) (Your lie in april) – The one with the pianist
Episode one started off with a bit of a Nisekoi comedy kind of flair, however episode 2 has moved swiftly into the drama/music genre. Though it’s hard to say for now, this show might be the one to watch – a strong backbone of drama behind what could possibly be another Nodame Cantabile style romantic comedy. Plot wise, because even though two episodes have passed, not a whole lot has actually happened, it’s one of those shows that seem to pass by in a flash without feeling long, our main character has a troubled past with professional music, but looks like he may be about to rejoin that world..


(18) The one with the hand that talks back
Another anime adaptation of a manga, the Parasyte manga I hear is doing pretty well recently, and so now we get this. Solid concept, alien parasites which invade people’s brains and control them, our hero however gets his hand possessed – or rather, the parasite straight up eats his hand and replaces it. The alien right hand proceeds to get him into all sorts of trouble, and yet at the same time, saves his life from other infested humans who try to murder him. It’s an interesting sci-fi show, with some good action and well animated monsters.

Amagi Brilliant Park

amagi brilliant park
(18) The one which feels like an anime adaptation of theme park
This season’s kyoani production, Amagi brilliant park feels like an odd spin on tycoon games theme park or rollercoaster tycoon, requiring the new elected manager to bring in 250,000 guests to the park before the deadline, or the park closes. To accomplish this task he is given the power to read minds, and is reluctantly supported by a huge cast of mascot characters who aren’t actually people in suits, but genuinely living mascot characters – with some odd personalities.

Gurure! Kokkuri-san


(17) The one with the adorable little girl
Probably the best comedy of the season, kokkuri-san is about a little girl who thinks she is a doll, and the spirit who decides to haunt her. Little kohina is a adorable, and the show is genuinely pretty entertaining even without any real plot or even attempt of plot so far.

Rage of Bahamut : Genesis

shingeki no bahamut

(16) The one with bahamut and the afro guy
Following a bounty hunter who gets turned into a demon of some description. It’s pretty interesting so far, and varied, with equal amounts of story, character development and slaughtering giant monstrs, arguably most interesting is the fantasy world they’ve set, which manages to have a medieval feel to it yet maintain a vivid palette.

Nanatsu no Taizai (7 deadly sins)
nanatsu no taizai

(16) The one about searching for 7 murderers (action, not murder mystery)
Your somewhat typical shounen action show, our hero and female sidekick are trying to find 7 legendary murderers and solve a few problems along the way. 2 Episodes in and it seems pretty solid, though the hero seems a little bit too overpowered for now.

S’alright Tier:

Vanadis (Lord Marksman and Vanadis)
(15) The one with the harem archer
A fantasy action show with action and service, doesn’t appear to be doing anything extraordinary, but is solid so far. Has some strong, likable characters and is showing some development already.

Kaitou Joker
(14) The one clearly intended for a young audience
It’s a show for children vaguely in the same plot style as Lupin 3rd, following a talented thief as he outsmarts detectives. It’s a good show, though don’t expect a deep plot or complicated characters.

Magic Kaito 1412
(14) The Magic Kaito series
The show plays out almost exactly as you would expect of a spinoff from detective conan, the styling and animation is almost identical, yet the focus is on Magic Kaito instead of our usual Conan. There is light plot, but one can only wonder if it’ll be a repeat of conan’s plot which never goes anywhere. Good show, though I hope Kaito’s girlfriend gets more love than Ran.

Inou battle wa nichijou-ke no naka de
(13) The one with the special powers club
School club group of friends, throw in some superpowers (which don’t actually seem to mean much after episode one), add in some comedy and drama and we have… this. It’s solid, it’s well drawn,

Ushiniwareta mirai o motomete
(13) (In search of lost future) The slice of life that turns into sci-fi drama?
A fairly boring slice of life, however one that seems to have some sci-fi twists up it’s sleeve, the first episode eludes to some sort of time travel/jump stuff, while there is also a mysterious character who appears randomly and seems to have some special interactions with the world. It’s hard to explain much more because not much as been revealed. Unfortunately, these more interesting sci-fi elements seem buried underneath a more orthodox and boring slice of life student club sort of scenario.

(12) The ‘source material was obviously a VN’
Stylized in a cinematic wide aspect ratio, I was hoping for more from this show, however it has started slow so far. It’s based on a visual novel which i’m told does have a decent story, and so far it is apparently sticking to the source material well. It’s not particularly good so far, but according to my sources, it’ll get better… Perhaps wait this one out if you’re unsure.

Daitoshokan to hitsujikai
(12) The slice of life with the shephard via mobile phone texts
Started reasonably well, but episode 2 brought it firmly back into standard ‘group of friends in a club’ land. As far as plot goes, the students are recieveing mysterious messages from someone called the shephard, it’s fairly light hearted rather than mysterious though. Plot is also very slow moving, this one could easily swing either way so far, but as of 2 eps, is a fairly average school club show.

Terra Formars
(12) The one with the giant cockroaches
About a team of genetically engineered humans who go to fight a bunch of humanoid cockroaches on mars, yes, really. It’s actually not a horrible show, however the TV censoring really kills the mood of the show, a disappointment because evidently the animators have really gone out of their way to make it really gory, only to have the censors black out 70% of  the screen for some segments.

Trinity Seven
(12) The one with magic school
Semi typical ecchi magic school scenario with a harem thrown in, there are supposedly 7 powerful magicians in the vicinity but all we get instead are adorable blushing schoolgirls with magic powers. Not awful, but a somewhat cliche premise makes it hard to recommend unless you are into harem shows.

Eeehhh Tier:

(11) The one with the demons and karas wannabe
Medieval age superpower suits versus monsters of the night kind of affair, there is some fancy CGI and the fight scenes are well done, making it maybe worth watching if you fancy yet another action show. Monster design thus far seems very interesting (think Bayonetta), unfortunately the ‘knights’ clad in shiny CGI armor are significantly more orthodox.

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru
(5,?) The one that’s like Madoka Magica but without the dark undertones (yet?)
So didn’t really know what to expect going into this one, started off as an everyday school kind of show and then suddenly our club of 4 girls gets whisked off into another world and essentially turned into magical girls, where – surprise surprise, their everyday lives come to an end. How cliche. Functionally it’s very similar to how Madoka Magica started off, even down to the musical styling (orchestral). For now, i’m somewhat skeptical as to whether this will turn into anything more than just a magical girls fight monsters kind of show.

Cross Ange
(10) The one where she gets her panties ripped off
First episode was pretty odd and bad, episode 2 puts our princess in a pilot school and introduces what is basically a female version of hitler who proceeds to try and rape the main character. The show seems to be about saving the world from dragons, so if half naked girls flying about shooting at dragons sounds like your thing…

Sora no Method
(9) The boring show with the blue haired chick
What even is this show about? I’ve watched 2 episodes and both have bored me to the point where i’m barely paying attention to the show anymore. Something about removing a giant saucer from the sky, and a blue haired girl who (I suspect) may not even exist. It’s nicely drawn girls doing nothing in particular, it’s style over substance, it’s glasslip V2.

World Trigger
(9) The one with the least likable main character
Another show about saving the world, with one of the main characters being an alien in disguise or something. While the premise isn’t horrible, it’s so bland and uninspired, and the characters are especially generic and unlikable.

Akatsuki no Yona
(9)The one with the redhead and guy that isn’t Zhao Yun
A king is assassinated, and a princess has to flee the castle to begin anew. It was a show that, whilst boring, was looking appealing mostly due to the drama – however towards the end of the second episode it seems to have turned into yet another generic action show in a vaguely dynasty warriors fashion (only less cool).

Girl Friend Beta
(4,?) The one where girls do nothing in particular for 20 minutes.

Trash Tier:

Denki Gai no Honya San
(7) The one with the bookshop clerks
I think it’s supposed to be a comedy, however it doesn’t manage character humour or even slapstick humour particularly well, the result being a show which is just kind of stupid. Perhaps i’m just too old for the jokes to be funny.

Ookami Shoujo to kuro ouji
(7) (wolf girl and black prince)The shoujo with the S male pretending to be her girlfriend
A fake boyfriend scenario, yet while Nisekoi turned it into a comedy, Ookami shoujo seems to have taken it on a darker, more abusive route? With the heroine basically being a toy for men and literally treated as a dog. It’s awkward to watch, and I find it odd that a show for girls would tell this sort of story of basically a girl who gets bullied and then falls in love with someone who is clearly a complete fucking asshole.

Donten ni Warau (Laughing under the clouds)
(6) The one with the blunt swords
Very generic ninja-esque anime, pretty one dimensional characters and not much plot either. Second episode gets a bit more actiony but the animation is sub-par and reminds me of a bad version of bleach or naruto or some shit.

(6) The one about anime production where nothing really happens
Boring as shit show about making anime, PA works seem to have a real knack for making good looking shows with zero content lately.

Gonna be the twin-tail
(2) The one with the twin tails that was fucking awful

Sequel Tier:

Log Horizon 2

Psycho Pass 2

Yowamushi Pedal : Grande road

My Top 10 Favorite Arcade Games

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Considering how often i’ve been frequenting a certain arcade lately, I thought it would be fun to write up a top 10 list. So in no particular order, here are 10 of my favorite arcade games from years gone by, hopefully you’ve at least played some of them?


Time Crisis 2

If you haven’t seen one of these in the wild, you probably have never been to an arcade.

An Oldie but goodie, and probably one of the most common cabinets in the world? Time Crisis 2 released in 1998(!) redefined and refined the shooter genre with it’s sweet pedal reload, it’s loudy force feedback guns and its innovative asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay. Truly a classic game – though a shame unless you’re a god you won’t see much past area 1 with one credit, let alone continue into the forest stage.

Ghost Squad

[kad_youtube url=”″ ]

In my opinion, the best arcade shooter made to date. Snappy controls, great pacing and holy shit that fucking gun with the force kicker in the stock. I must have put at least £30 into this machine in single credits, and i’ll still happily play it today, despite completing the whole game 20 times over. Good players can blow through the whole game in one credit, better players can increase the difficulty on the menu to introduce more challenges and make the event scenes harder. Ghost Squad was also one of the first few games to introduce cards which allow you to save your progress and unlock new equipment and weapons as you play.
Confidential Mission by Hitmaker was also in this list, a similar style of game which was well polished and refined, but Ghost squad just edged it out, purely because the burst fire on those plastic UMP’s were awesome.

Beatmania IIDX

[kad_youtube url=”″ ]

Somewhat expected if you’ve been following my blog recently, almost 900 songs and counting with each release, IIDX goes from casual to hardcore, to casual hardocre to insanity – allowing players to play with 3 difficulty levels and with 7keys or 14keys (and 2 turntables). The replay factor of this one is it’s main strength, not only will you probably need to play a few hundred credits to be able to get good at the game, you can then get involved in fully completing the game (completing every single song) or score chasing with friends and strangers alike. The later machines are cleverly made to record your scores on an online network which is accessible on all devices, letting you keep tabs on your friends scores and being able to compare them to your own. It’s a slippery slope, but for rhythm gamers, one hell of a fun one.

Fighting Mania

[kad_youtube url=”″ ] (Skip to 66 Seconds)

Modelled after the Fist of the North star series, how could FIghting Mania not be good? The game is played by physically punching pads at the right time as they flick out at you, with cues via video and audio to alert you to the status of the fight. The machine is almost always hilariously loud, with kung-fu noises exploding from the machine as you smack the pads with little regard for your own safety (safety gloves? pffft). Each level features a different enemy, with their own unique special moves and your own special finisher for each one – fans of the manga/anime will be happy to know that all their favorite moves and scenes are present in the game, from the hundred crack fist of the north star, to the slow deliberate punches on heart. Be warned however that the game is hard as hell, and will often demand more of your money before you can even kill 2 enemies. (ps. Theres a cab at astro in southend)

Afterburner Climax (Super Deluxe Cab)

[kad_youtube url=”″ ]

As a game itself, afterburner climax was decent though nothing to blog about, the super deluxe edition of the arcade cab however, is a completely different story. A gigantic screen mounted upon a moving platform with the seat affixed as well. You need to put a seatbelt on to play, which probably says a lot in itself. As the game starts, the seat rumbles and the surround speakers in the headset come to life, from here your ups, downs and pans are all physically recreated by the moving platform, the screen and seat whip around with you attached. It’s really a fantastic experience, though sadly due to the high price of the machine, the game is very rare to find now, meaning if you didn’t already get a chance to play it, theres a fair chance you won’t.

Jurassic Park 2: The lost world

[kad_youtube url=”” ] ^Skip to 2:35 for familiar music

Speaking of crazy arcade experiences, I think Jurassic Park Lost world is one of the first arcade shooters to pioneer the sit-in cabinet with curtains, this let them dim the lights and turn up the volume and bass for a more thrilling experience. Way back in the day (10+ years ago?) there was a full enclosure version at Segaworld in London, which would have a spinning seat and giant fans/water effects for when the T-Rex attacks you, it was amazing. Of note also is the speed of the game, raptors really sprint at you, yet can be taken out in one or two well placed shots, with a satisfying burst particle when shot. Who can forget also the music that plays during the first level, often blaring reeeaally loud from underneath you.

Star Wars Arcade

[kad_youtube url=”” ]

Another classic, Star Wars Arcade was memorable for it’s joystick rail shooter segments on the death star, hoth and endor, as well as the lightsaber battles which would have you deflecting bullets or slicing away at darth vader himself. These cabinets were gigantic, and sitting inside the cab, the screen would really engulf you. Graphically the game was pretty good too (for the time) and of course accompanied by that famous soundtrack.


[kad_youtube url=”” ]

The evolution of gauntlet, or an arcade version of streets of rage, Spikeout was a 3d multiplayer brawler where a credit could last you surprisingly long. Arguably it didn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking, but I remember oriental city having a full row of 4 cabs hooked up for multiplayer, and you could just sit down, pump and credit in and join in the fight with whoever else was playing – a great way to socialize a little and just in general a lot of fun

Gunslinger Stratos

[kad_youtube url=”” ]

Found only in a few arcades in Japan last I checked, gunslinger stratos is an online shooter which puts players in 4v4 battles against each other, it plays out very similar to the many free to play third person shooter PC games from korea, except for the part where you are fighting with other people in the same arcade, and are standing there dual wielding lightguns (as standard). These two pistols are magnetized too, so when you’ve finished your pistol/uzi ammo, you can combine the guns side by side and your character will take out a machine gun or shotgun for example, detaching them again and placing them one on top of the other will materialize a rocket launcher or other heavy weapon. It’s full of novel ideas, and who doesn’t enjoy dual wielding as standard.

Panic Park

[kad_youtube url=”” ]

Where the hell did this game go? I need this in my life again. Panic Park was a series of minigames in similar vain to bishi-bashi, except the minigames were platformers by nature, and designed to take advantage of the unique control scheme – Panic park is controlled by 2 handles, an designed for two players, the problem is these handles exist on the same horizontal axis, meaning if player 1 needs to go onto the right side of the screen, he’s going to have to push player 2 out of the way. As you can imagine then, many of the games involve narrow pathways, or doorways only large enough for one player – forcing players to fight each other for these objectives. Arguably one of the best two player arcade games out there.

Special mentions:
– LA Machineguns – One time, it was on freeplay and I started losing feeling in my arms
– Outrun Coast to Coast
– Drummania

All nighter at the arcade

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When i told my parents I was going out on a Saturday night and wouldn’t be back in the morning, going to an arcade to play rhythm games all night is probably not what they had in mind. Astro runs a lock-in for £10, during which you can play basically whatever you want, as much as you want, until morning – fantastic for score chasers and especially the E-amuse bemani games which save progress.

I actually brought my sleeping bag and stuff thinking i’d only last 4 hours or so, yet somehow managed to power through the night without getting sleepy at all.

Managed to hit 1st-dan on IIDX Doubles, and being able to play Ghost Squad again was great fun, though I was upset at not being able to get the number 1 score (only 3rd), I blame the monitor (which was kind of old and dull).
was also really funny to watch these guys(v) trying to basically crack the bemani da vinci code, the latest IIDX has unknown unlock conditions for new songs, and these geniuses were convinced they had discovered the secret – spoilers: nothing happened.



Think I ended up spending around £20-£30 worth of credits over the course of the night, perhaps just wanting to get my money’s worth, but goddamn I had fun doing so.

Life – September 2014

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And so, another month passes.

Work work work work. 11 days per fortnight i’ve been working, on my spare days, lazing around at home and then probably on the sunday a trip down to southend to go to the arcade. One of the most shocking things about this recent pattern is how many new people i’ve been able to meet, just from going to a specific location to play vidya. My line of work makes it hard to make friends, or even make contact with anyone that i’ll actually see on a regular basis, it’s not like I have physical coworkers anymore (one of the downsides of switching from Project work to Breakfix), my old friends are often busy or broke, and my university friends are spread across the country thinner than the layers in this week’s episode of the great british bakeoff. That said, these new friends have been keeping me from getting too lonely, it’s a shame most arcades are so expensive because there really is a kind of culture and community around them. I am considering going to one of the lock-ins either this weekend or the next, basically an overnight stay in the arcade with other people and the machines on free play for a set price.

This season’s anime has all more or less finished, and so I sit waiting for the next batch to start airing, while it’ll inevitably be made into a year end list, the summer season was full of a ton of actually decent shows for a change, and it’ll be sad to see them go, particularly space dandy and barakamon. Look forward to the WYSBW in a few weeks as usual.

Hasn’t been too much gaming this month, after finishing Silent Hill 2 I started playing some SIlent Hill 3, but the design in that game doesn’t seem anywhere near as good – it’s kind of that thing where you don’t realise how loud a nightclub is until you leave – When Silent hill 3 throws monsters at you constantly with no time to relax, it serves only to dull the fear, the threats at now commonplace and ‘normal’ instead of terrifying as they should be. SH2 did better in this respect, particularly in the apartment complexes towards the start of the game, and the hotel towards the end. I’m not sure if i’ll continue SH3, I was playing it with anony who is being a LITTLE BITCH.