Life – September 2014

And so, another month passes.

Work work work work. 11 days per fortnight i’ve been working, on my spare days, lazing around at home and then probably on the sunday a trip down to southend to go to the arcade. One of the most shocking things about this recent pattern is how many new people i’ve been able to meet, just from going to a specific location to play vidya. My line of work makes it hard to make friends, or even make contact with anyone that i’ll actually see on a regular basis, it’s not like I have physical coworkers anymore (one of the downsides of switching from Project work to Breakfix), my old friends are often busy or broke, and my university friends are spread across the country thinner than the layers in this week’s episode of the great british bakeoff. That said, these new friends have been keeping me from getting too lonely, it’s a shame most arcades are so expensive because there really is a kind of culture and community around them. I am considering going to one of the lock-ins either this weekend or the next, basically an overnight stay in the arcade with other people and the machines on free play for a set price.

This season’s anime has all more or less finished, and so I sit waiting for the next batch to start airing, while it’ll inevitably be made into a year end list, the summer season was full of a ton of actually decent shows for a change, and it’ll be sad to see them go, particularly space dandy and barakamon. Look forward to the WYSBW in a few weeks as usual.

Hasn’t been too much gaming this month, after finishing Silent Hill 2 I started playing some SIlent Hill 3, but the design in that game doesn’t seem anywhere near as good – it’s kind of that thing where you don’t realise how loud a nightclub is until you leave – When Silent hill 3 throws monsters at you constantly with no time to relax, it serves only to dull the fear, the threats at now commonplace and ‘normal’ instead of terrifying as they should be. SH2 did better in this respect, particularly in the apartment complexes towards the start of the game, and the hotel towards the end. I’m not sure if i’ll continue SH3, I was playing it with anony who is being a LITTLE BITCH.