All nighter at the arcade

When i told my parents I was going out on a Saturday night and wouldn’t be back in the morning, going to an arcade to play rhythm games all night is probably not what they had in mind. Astro runs a lock-in for £10, during which you can play basically whatever you want, as much as you want, until morning – fantastic for score chasers and especially the E-amuse bemani games which save progress.

I actually brought my sleeping bag and stuff thinking i’d only last 4 hours or so, yet somehow managed to power through the night without getting sleepy at all.

Managed to hit 1st-dan on IIDX Doubles, and being able to play Ghost Squad again was great fun, though I was upset at not being able to get the number 1 score (only 3rd), I blame the monitor (which was kind of old and dull).
was also really funny to watch these guys(v) trying to basically crack the bemani da vinci code, the latest IIDX has unknown unlock conditions for new songs, and these geniuses were convinced they had discovered the secret – spoilers: nothing happened.



Think I ended up spending around £20-£30 worth of credits over the course of the night, perhaps just wanting to get my money’s worth, but goddamn I had fun doing so.