The most productive day of work ever (The Car accident)

So today my van was booked to have it’s service, a nice new looking Fiat 500 delivered to my door in preparation, so that I would still be able to work while my van is taken away to be worked on.

11am hits, still no pickup. Few phone calls later and all I have managed to achieve is getting a complaint sent to the garage.

12pm and still nothing. Another phone call. but no resolution.

Eventually, i get fed up and decide to try and get at least a little bit of work done today, I set out in the rental car and headed for lakeside to do a H&M call, the car is bigger than expected, and driving manual is weird after getting used to my automatic van for so long, Also for some reason the steering wheel is designed in a way to inhibit vision of your speedometer as much as possible, so thats a nice feature.

Approximately 20 minutes of driving later, on the turning going into Grays, I somehow am unable to brake.

My mind goes into a spiral, where are my feet? A shuffling beneath the steering wheel, desperately hoping to slam on the brake pedal.

Clutch, gas, clutch, clutch again. The white car gets closer and closer.

I slam into the back of the stationary BMW at 30ish miles per hour, shunting him forwards somewhat, and causing my own car to finally come to a halt.

We’re both fine thankfully, the owner of the car in front steps out to assess the damage, i’m still glued to my seat trying to process what just happened – some cosmetic damage to the front of my vehicle, the BMW unfortunately didn’t get off so lucky, with part of his bumper realligned, parking sensor guts showing, and shards of red glass on the floor from god knows what. The man is angry, I don’t blame him at all.

And that’s the story of my first and hopefully last car accident, nothing too serious thankfully, but still somewhat of a terrifying experience, what if it were a zebra crossing or similar? People could have died today because of my stupid self. At the very least I think today has been a wakeup call.