Perfume World Tour 3rd London @ Hammersmith Apollo

The first and hopefully last seated gig I will ever go to.

The girls came back! This time with less talk of fish and chips but more lasers and a bigger more impressive stage to play with.

World Tour 3rd in London was held at the Eventim Apollo, probably better known by locals as the Hammersmith Apollo, it was an allocated seating gig, which at first I was very apprehensive of, but decided to take the plunge anyway on the basis of ‘how often do they come to the UK’ – and well.. the show played out more or less exactly as I imagined it would in my head.

Perfume London 2014 WT3

The preshow was the usual, a huge queue outside the door even though we all have allocated seating, an even bigger queue for the merch shop – with people literally running up the stairs to the secondary shop when it was announced on the intercom (Myself included), and some fairly extortionately priced beer. After buying my tour shirt I went to find my seat, Row W on the ground floor, walking out into the hall I was shocked at how much closer everything was to how I envisioned it, the overhead map of the seating really pins everything After row J or so to be trash so I was expecting to be pretty far back, but honestly my view was great. I met a few friendly people around me, and got ignored by some less friendly people and we spent the 45mins or so chatting while the hall filled out.


The lights dimmed at 8:30, to a 3d projected map and 30 second countdown on the translucent stage curtain, the final 10 seconds or so produced a sonar effect letting us see through the curtain to the group, and then Enter the Sphere started playing and the rest is history.
Perfume were amazing, from start to finish they gave us it all, a fantastic setlist (nee, glitter, party maker, hold my hand, cling cling, seventh heaven…) , fancy lighting, lasers a plenty, a new remix of spending all my time for the interlude (which was SERIOUSLY heavy club/dance style and fucking amazing), a brief singalong to ‘Let it go’ from Frozen (?!), Handyman as the goddamn encore song (best song.) and some hilarious storytelling from A-chan.

Perfume WT3 London 6

The only thing that really set it back was the audience and venue, world tour 2nd was ridiculously packed at the front of the stage but if the crowd were jumping – so were you, it was involuntary. On the flipside, at the Hammersmith Apollo, if you jump – odds are you’re jumping alone. The problem with allocated seating is it doesn’t allow the fans to separate from one another, what I mean by that is naturally in a crowd you will have the party makers, the ones that jump and scream, then you have the other fans who stand further back, and are happy to just watch the show play out without contributing much themselves – these groups in any other gig will separate out into the front and back of the crowd respectively. It showed! There were clear pockets of fans raving to the music, and other areas which were practically dead. The man next to me looked to be in his 40’s, of course he wasn’t going to bop to ‘Spending all my time’ but after the show was over he turned over to me and said “that was fantastic!”.
It’s also worth pointing out and shaming ‘Maeda-san’ (前田?) who took on the role of translating for the girls this time round, he was absolutely useless, I think I could have done a better job, A-chan eventually started breaking into charades trying to tell her story because he was so bad.

For him: まえだーさん、次回手お上げないでください。

So that was my experience with this show, it had it’s ups and downs, i’m glad I went, but next time I think it’s standing gig or nothing. I’ve never seen an artist so clearly at a gig before, yet I think I would rather hardly see them at all and be shoved around in a moshpit ala saturday’s gig.

ps. I took my 3DS, this is what the pedometer looked like after.

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  • I went to Taipei International Convention Center and my seat was on first floor or balcony(as shown on the picture).The show begin I walk down few rows to a platform just as you say jump and scream for about an hour, then the venue staff told three of us to go back to our seat cos that was EXIT. Fortunately mine are aisle seat and continue to jump with my next seater, but need cautious as the seat was so cramped, Your experience is not that bad after all.
    It was the fault of Amuse and Universal Japan staffs who do not check the venue thoroughly. You must Jump and Scream to Perfume music, unlike classical music!!!
    Mid left on the white balcony

  • I was in seat W21 having a good chat too! Was plenty of jumping around where I was. Fantastic show. Couldn’t believe how good they were. I was lucky enough to see them at Hiroshima Green Arena in August and didn’t think they could surpass that. This was even better because it was a much smaller venue and they were talking English!!!! It’s incredible that they’ve put together a completely different show in such a short time.

  • I was in row Z right in the centre. Our view was great, and yes both my wife and I were jumping around. Unlike when at Shepards Bush where I got lousy seats up on Level 3, honest 😉 Brought the Blu-Ray from that show on Amazon Japan last month just to see it again. Daniel san, where were you this time. At least this time I got a T shirt, I will wear if with pride next year when we are in Japan.

  • We attended WT3 in Singapore, which was a seated venue, and yet everyone was on their feet and having a great time. We were in the front row, but no more space than anyone further back since the stage was at waist height within touching distance. The advantage of allocated seating is that you don’t get the moron behaviour described in both the US venues if you read people’s experiences on facebook. We are caucasian Australians and I do have to say we were very happy to have been able to see Perfume in and Asian context as people seem to have some consideration for others in Singapore – I know many Americans and Europeans would too, but sadly there seems to be a sizeable minority of self-centred idiots who don’t care if anyone else has a good time so long as they do. So give me allocated seating any time, despite the fact that anyone with any spirit won’t be actually using the seats. As someone hitting 60 soon, I find it incredible to hear that there were people at the Apollo sitting down. Oh well, up to them of course 😛 Anyway, just have to disagree with you on the seating, while recognizing that everyone’s entitled to their opinion!

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