Life – November 2014

The months seem to be going faster now, it seems insane to think we’re almost going into December 2014, and then rapidly into 2015 – It feels like only the other month Ian wandered off and almost died during 2013’s New Year’s party and yet now we’re 2 years on. Madness.

Was considering going skiing for the new years but after some thinking about it, decided it would be a bad idea – it’s odd, while I do have fond memories of blasting it down the slopes man-mode those few years ago, thinking back and considering going skiing again all I can think of are the few times when I almost died on the snow, Perhaps a little over-dramatic, sure, but there were definitely at least a few times when I thought I was going to break at least 1 bone;
– Plein sud, when we decided to do a blue run, and I promptly remembered that I don’t actually know how to slow down, I sped down the first area before seeing the sharp left turn ahead and fence, past that fence was a pretty huge drop, I opted to spin out on the right, turning into a ball of snow and appendages similar to that in a cartoon
– Plein sud again, my first encounter with moguls, still not knowing how to slow down, sped up and almost (or did I?) crashed into someone half way down after getting air off one of the moguls
– One of the S ramps at the end of the long run, just straight up couldn’t turn enough at the end of the second bend and went off piste and flew off the trail, thankfully landing into a huge pile of snow and not the road ahead. it was shocking enough that I felt like I was unable to move for a moment while my brain caught up to what actually just occured.
– Thinking I was a genius and following ed off piste to have some fun, and not realising that you have to shift your weight back – the front of my skis dug in, and I did a full frontflip into the snow, my head planted into the snow and acted as a pivot point for the rest of my body, I loud crack came from my neck/upper shoulders, and for a few moments after the flip, I lay in the snow wondering if I had just paralysed myself for life. Scary.

But yeah, anyway, so that’s not happening anymore. Not sure what im going to do for new years, it would be a shame to not party somewhere at least because the last few new years parties ive been to have pretty much been the entirety of my party life.
The money that I was going to use.. mmm.. not sure, i’m considering maybe a small trip to norway or denmark or something sometime, and then maybe next christmas give Germany a go? Time will tell, I don’t think my parents have planned any big trips yet, my mum did mention Vegas, South korea and Hong Kong, but no idea if any of those will come to fruition or whether or not i’ll even go.

Work has been taking up most of my time as usual, this time of year is our busy period as we try to fix everything before the christmas rushes and so on, so i’ve been doing 11 days a fortnight – with sundays usually going to the arcade to let off some steam. I did get to go to some gigs this month, of which have their own blog posts, it was fantastic to get out of the house for a while at the very least. I’d go to more gig’s but I usually don’t follow music closely enough to even know when they are on. Tomorrow I’m also heading to the london dungeon with luke, so that should be nice – despite being a Londoner i’ve never been to that, infact, most of the London thing’s ive never done, I don’t think ive been to tower bridge properly, never been into big ben, never done the London eye… but these aren’t things actual londoners do, right?

There hasn’t seemed to be any repercussions of me crashing the rental car… yet. I haven’t even heard anything from my manager about it, so presumedly i’m off the hook but I think i’ll wait another paycheck or two before relaxing. I’ve got a £500 bonus incoming for 1 year of service, which is nice – I think I might pick up a sound voltex controller  when DJ dao announces the simple7 edition. Work have also decided to suddenly throw smartphones at me after an age of waiting-  though they’ve neglected to give me a data plan to go with my work sim, so they are functionally useless. They sent me some variety of HTC to start with, the unit looks like it’s been thrown against a wall and has bleed on the screen, however they then sent me a Nokia Lumia 520, a brand new one, it’s much nicer, but I don’t understand the windows phone interface at all.


Despite wanting to, i’ve found it hard to really get engaged in video games recently, I even bought Phoenix Wright Dual destinies recently but haven’t really played it still, similarly i’ve practically given up on ever finishing Alien Isolation, and I was planning on doing a review of Freedom Planet but i’m not sure I’m worthy of reviewing that game without even finishing it first, and holy shit is it long for a retro sonic style game.
I found out today that the sky3ds cards are available for about £50, i’m pretty tempted to grab one, the 3ds library is pretty small to the point where a 10 game limit doesn’t bother me too much, and at the rate i’m going, it’ll last me an absolute age to get through 10 games (I STILL havent finished Mario and Luigi dream team).

What else can I talk about… Still no gym membership, my local branch still hasn’t opened despite saying they would open in November (Or if they are open, they are doing a very shit job of marketing it), i’ve been continuing with my routines at home, but my body hasn’t changed much recently, for better or worse – though I guess im eating a lot more junk food and sweets now than I was 6 months ago.
Have finished doing a little bit of christmas shopping, hopefully my brother likes what i’ve got prepared for him, I think i’ve decided what im going to get my mum as well, but im still clueless on what to get for dad – he’s always been hard to buy for.