This war of mine (PC) Review

Gave this war of mine a try, it seems like a decent game, with some fair depth if you get into it, but it’s extreme nature mean’s it’s hard to enjoy it as a video game.

For those who haven’t heard of the game, it’s basically a chronicling of war survivors, you have some survivors, you live in a bombed out house, you need to scavenge during the night to find resources or you’ll rapidly find yourself starving to death. And therein lie all of it’s issues as a fun game, TWOM is more of a challenge or similar than anything you would actually play for fun, the intentional slow pacing of the game, coupled with the high difficulty level will only leave the most hardcore to be able to see the later stages of the game, and as the game is a roguelike, one wrong move and you could find yourself murdered while scavenging, or mortally wounded while guarding your safehouse at night.

My reaction after a few hours with this game.
My reaction after a few hours with this game.

A brief overview of the gameplay entails the following: Wander around safehouse for a while, manually get each person to eat food so they don’t die, manually get someone to sleep during the day, possibly deal with someone at the door, then go out at night and scavenge a nearby level – stealthily walk around and collect supplies before realising you have no food and basically need to steal from other people to survive, steal from people because there is no way around it, people then start to attack you – forcing you to either attack back or flee/die.
And that’s basically the entire game from what I saw, you come back to your safehouse, which has probably been raided while you were away, maybe upgrade some of your equipment, and do the whole thing again, with stacking stress levels as each time you leave and don’t come back with food, water and medical supplies, your camp are one step closer to death.

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The game tries to do the ethical / moral thing, and succeeds on some fronts, an example being one of the earlier levels where you can burgle an elderly couples home. Problems begin though when you are forced into actions you would rather not take. A similar issue is that it’s impossible to talk with most of the characters you come across, making it hard to resolve situations peacefully – your character just silently walking around, pilfering through their stockpilings (of which is all useless shit like sugar cubes anyway)

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TWOM on the whole reminds me of a more fleshed out version of some newgrounds flash games where you have to do essentially the same thing but without the pretty graphics, these flash games were at least fast however, and didn’t require me to click on each individual character and tell them to eat (and then watch them slowly plod over to the fridge and spend 5 whole seconds consuming food, blocking everyone else from using it)


It’s a good challenge, and has some interesting ideas, but it’s simply not a fun video game on any level. Some gameplay tweaks could help it be less frustrating and speed things up, but ultimately TWOM’s core gameplay is that of a hardcore survival sim – something which will only appeal to a small subset of the roguelike fanbase. I personally couldn’t play this for very long before getting bored of the routine.

Actual Worth / Steam Price: £3 / £15 = 0.2
Should you play it : No, It’s a novel game, but i wouldn’t recommend buying it. It’s like the sims except nothing happens during the day, and you get burgled every night.

Rating: 2/5

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Guess what happens next?