Telltale’s Game of Thrones Ep 1 (PC)

Sat down and gave Telltale’s latest a try, it’s sort of impressive how similar it feels to the TV show, while still definitely being a Telltale game.

Similar to the show, the game separates the game by putting you in the shoes of multiple characters – This sort of works for and against the game, you won’t feel as attached to your character as you did in say, ‘The walking dead’, however on the other hand, this allows the game to clear a big hurdle that plagued those other single playable character games – it removes ‘plot armor’. By introducing so many playable characters, the game can easily do away with any of them at any point, perhaps you settled a dispute badly and get stabbed in the back, the game keeps moving with little regard.

Thrones 2014-12-03 17-04-58-09

Telltale are however, starting to slip into a bit of a routine, with the episode playing out as expected for the most part – The emphasis in this game is more in the dialogue rather than puzzle solving of earlier TWD episodes, however there were a fair few QTE segments in the episode which is perhaps to be expected when half the characters walk around with swords. This episode plays it fairly safe, and at some points reuses ideas from previous games, it would be nice to see them step things up for the future episodes.

Of which there are 6 by the way, 6 total episodes, this one lasting maybe around 2 hours? or somewhere around there. So we can probably be expecting a 12 hour series.

Thrones 2014-12-03 17-11-26-55

It’s definitely worth a play for fans of the series, however for those unfamiliar with the thrones universe the game does appear to make assumptions that you’ve already seen the show. It’s also kind of hard to follow, in true GoT style the game introduces a shitload of characters and expects you to remember all of them, who am i supposed to be allied with? Who is invading us again? etc etc.