Rhythm Game Q4 Meetup

Spent the weekend over at Astro City again, this time however, the quarterly rhythm game meetup was occuring – As I understand it, these have actually been going for a fair while, so I was sort of worried and anxious about kind of intruding on a regular meet as a fairly new face – Of course I knew the regulars but there were going to be a relative ton of people I had never met before, and I’ve never considered myself fantastic at social interaction.

My fears were thankfully for nawt, I arrived on the saturday to a mixture of familiar welcoming faces, and some intrigued new ones. Greetings, waves, and so on, and then videogames for hours on end. Got to meet adorable scraggly Corin, shy Lucy and almost comically tall Richard, as well as hyperactive joe, ‘lost child’ Lewis and dongsaeng Gideon (Whom I actually gave my dance mat to some years ago).

Got to give the new Smash wiiU a try (won both matches, ehehehhe) and chris brought his sound voltex controller so I got to play that as well (was bridging from level 13 to 14 by the end of the night). There was also some DJhero being played, and towards the end of the night we got the kinect out to play Dance Evolution – basically Dance Central but more gay, and without any charting so it’s impossible to sight read – there was some video taken, but thankfully I don’t think it’s been uploaded anywhere (though unfortunately that means you don’t get to see my killer performance of ponponpon).

Few other oddities occurred during the night/morning:
– Network connection for the machines breaking multiple times
– Corin getting his goddamn debit card stuck in the pop’n card reader
– Catching Brittany playing runescape
– This gaytastic brohug during Dance Evolution
– Gideon and Chris’s double 7th dan clear (I still can’t clear Safari for shit)
– Josh getting mad at the waiter in the curry house
– Aforementioned curryhouse charging us £16 for poppadoms and dips between 11 people
– Random guy joining me while I was playing Ghost Squad and being like “Have you played this level before?”, cue the leaderboard afterwards and my name is basically the entirety of the top 10
– Random guy who brought his own copy of Guitar hero to the arcade, and spent pretty much the whole night playing it on his own
– Josh using 75% of a whole bottle of mayonnaise on his burger in the morning
– And lucy managing to get mayonnaise on her glasses
– Random german lady who wandered in during the day who apparently found about the arcade via my blog (wut)
– Alex infecting everyone with german ebola (approx 6 or 7 infected)


Overall, really fun night, amazing seeing and meeting everyone, and I look forward to the next one :O