Shadows of Mordor (PC) Review

Shadows of mordor! Came out a while ago but I couldn’t be bothered to play it because, honestly, it didn’t look particularly interesting to me. Finished the game today after a few days of playing, and I guess it was better than expected – it’s probably the best Assassins Creed game in a long time, wait. what?

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I was kind of shocked to find out that the game is Monolith (FEAR, Condemned) and NOT ubisoft montreal (AC) or even Rocksteady (batman). The game is very easily described as a mix between Batman Arkham’s fighting and Assassins Creed’s murdering of key characters and world – and actually kind of does both of these better than the game’s it has stolen ideas from, nothing wrong with that though imo. An easy example is that because the main character is supernatural, he can climb almost comically fast, and jump off from viewing towers straight onto the floor without giving a shit.

Missions are relatively short and are triggered in the universe and are usually just killing people with a narrative to it, the main mean of the game however comes from the multiple generals and warchiefs placed throughout the world – this is tied into the main storyline by having you need to take out the top 5 generals in the world, effectively turning the game into a free form version of Assassins Creed. The top generals have bodyguards which bring extra options, charge in and take all 3 generals at once? Or kill off the bodyguards first before even starting the mission? Being allowed to murder generals as you wish is probably the best part of the game (each of them drop runes as well, which give extra perks to your character), it was awesome then to find out after I killed the top 5 warchiefs in the area that the game would introduce a second area with even harder warchiefs to kill, awesome.

On the other side of the coin however, that’s more or less all the game has going for it, the main missions are kind of plain, and the rest are a bunch of kill-em-all or stealth side missions, and then of course there are collectibles…
The upgrades system is kind of neat and introduces some cool attacks which feel impactful (eg. execute commands similar to those in Batman).

Graphically the game is fairly nice, even on low settings, though the world is a little plain in places, the sound is nothing special (though there is some sweet chanting when the warchiefs come out, which is badass).


Best Assassins creed game in a while, it felt great to sneak into fortresses and kill generals just for the fun of it, but overall you’ll only likely finish the game because the combat is fun – not because you cared about the story or rewards for side missions. It’s also perhaps on the short side, my playthrough only taking about 13 hours.

Approximate Game Length : ~13 Hours for main story and some side quests
Actual Worth / Steam Price:
 £15 / £21 = 0.71
Should you play it : No? It’s a clone game, but it’s a well done one – it’s fun to play, but i don’t think there’s much need to go out of your way to play this one.

Rating: 4/5