A day out at Escape Hunt London

Went to Escape Hunt London today – http://london.escapehunt.com/ , apparently the London edition of a concept which has found success across the globe – I actually remember seeing a similar escape room style thing while we were on Holiday in both Singapore and Bangkok, though we didn’t go at the time for various reasons.

The london venue was fairly randomly placed, and sort of out of the way from the main street, situated on the basement level of a normal looking building, down there was an array of rooms and seating area, and a bunch of adorable looking girls dressed up in detective outfits (A fetish I didn’t realise I had until today).

Pose as a team, coz shit just got real
Pose as a team, coz shit just got real

I rather enjoyed the safety briefing before we went in, our host telling us not to break into the ceiling, not to smash open any objects, and not to try moving any overly large furniture. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t explicitly tell us not to remove fuses from plugs, or try to remove the flooring (thanks Ian, goddamnit)

The experience itself was an hour long, with the goal of course to escape the room before time is up – there was a vague kind of backstory involved, but honestly it was all pretty unnecessary and unfortunately didn’t really tie into the game at all. No pictures inside as they took both my phone and my camera, but it was possibly everything you would expect from a physical escape the room style challenge – though there was admittedly less useless objects than I expected (I imagine to expediate their cleaning and resetting of the room later). Puzzles mostly involved finding numbers for combination locks about the place, but there was a fun amount of turning the room upside down as well.
Possibly as expected from locking a group of 5 university graduates into a room, after tearing through the first batch of puzzles and making our way into the second area, we found ourselves stuck on a relatively simple clock puzzle which we completely overthought. We spent about 25 minutes on the one puzzle before eventually giving up and asking for a hint, and then everything from there was relatively smooth sailing, though we were all starting to panic a little due to the time limit.

We got out after 58 minutes, hardly a world record, but still cleared – and arguably a better use of our money than finishing it in 40┬áminutes had we worked out the clock puzzle in a reasonable time. We were shown to a lounge area and served tea by another girl in detective outfit before taking some pictures.

Overall it was really good fun, and actually much harder than I expected – I kind of thought that we would blow through it in no time at all, but I guess partially because we did overthink most things, it posed a decent challenge.

Here are a few other pictures from the rest of our day out too, though we mostly spent it just sitting in the pub catching up (and playing some games)