Top 10 PC games of 2014

2014 Marked an almost upsetting year for video games, even with the new consoles released last year, we saw depressingly few truly good games on the PC (Though to be honest, this list could probably cover consoles as well because destiny was supposedly crap, and Smash bros isn’t really my jam anyway)

I practically had to scrape together this list, and even with all contenders there were only 12 choices (Watch_dogs and Alien Isolation are just off the list)

Nonetheless, here are my favorite 10 PC games from 2014.



#10 The Evil Within // Action Survival Horror //

I mean, yeah the last 1/3rd of the game was pretty shit, as soon as you start introducing enemies with machineguns in a survival horror game, things tend to go downhill pretty rapidly. However the rest of the game was pretty tense, there were some pretty damn scary enemies, and the action portion of the game was decent too – even if the upgraded handgun was overpowered.



#9 Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor // Open world Action // October

Shadows of Mordor went ahead and basically stole everything that other games in the genre had done well, and mashed them all together to make a game that was great fun, but somewhat lacking in depth. It doesn’t keep you gripped for long, but the short time it does have you entertained is an enjoyable one.



#8 Wolfenstein: the new order // FPS // May

A trip back to the olden days of FPS, where ADS is merely cosmetic, and you can dual wield sniper rifles. Wolfenstein gave no fucks, and the result is a satisfying and fast shooter. It also had some pretty damn good graphics and ran well, which is a nice bonus.



#7 Divinity: Original Sin // RPG // June

I often find it hard to get into these sort of games, but Divinity:OS really captures the RPG feeling, forcing you to pay attention to the story and lore. The combat system is also pretty good, and less RNG reliant than similar games in the genre. It’s also a pretty damn long game, i’m not sure how long i’ve spent on it, but it’s a while for sure. Also, gorgeous graphics for a top down RPG game.



#6 Jazzpunk // Comedy // February

With some very hit-or-miss comedy, Jazzpunk isn’t for everyone, but if you are on the same wavelength as the developers and their sense of humour, Jazzpunk is goddamn hilarious. Try not to spoil it for yourself by watching letsplays, just grab it when it’s cheap (or the other thing) and enjoy the ride.



#5 Battleblock Theatre // Masochistic Platformer // May

Battleblock isn’t really what it’s advertised as, I expected a fairly plain platformer game with some multiplayer built in around it, but what I got instead was an impressively deep masochistic platformer in the vain of Meatboy, and a whole campaign and slew of community made levels for co-op play, forcing you to use head boost jumps or similar to progress. It’s really good fun to figure out some of the puzzles, and pure satisfaction to complete some of the harder levels (of which there are plenty)



#4 South Park Stick of Truth // Comedy RPG // March

Admittedly more of a playable Episode of South Park than a full on video game, the combat was fairly simplistic and binary, much like the gameplay, but the feeling of being able to walk around south park, the attention to detail in all of the environment, the story, the cutscenes and humour… It was a south park fan’s dream come true, and more than enough to make you overlook the actual game component of Stick of truth.



#3 Dark Souls 2 // Masochistic Action // March

Maybe a year or two ago, I mentioned that I didn’t ‘get’ the dark souls series, and here we are, at the end of 2014 with Dark Souls 2 in a top 10 list, and Dark Souls 1 completed as a side result. Some portion of me still doesn’t ‘get’ the Dark Souls series, I play, I die, I get fucking furious, and yet I can’t stop playing it until it’s beaten. I kind of don’t want the improved version out next year, because it mean’s I might have to play this piece of shit again, and i’m not sure I want that because so help me If I have to beat the smelter demon again.



#2 Titanfall // FPS // March

Titanfall is an odd one, I rarely feel the urge to play it, and often in between rounds i’ll feel like I want to quit out, but 100% of my time spent actually playing Titanfall is great fun and pure adrenaline rush. The movement system is fantastic and fluid, the gunplay is solid, the time to kill is just right, the weapons (though few) are balanced well, and being able to murder waves of real players in a gigantic robot is exhilarating and even leads to videos being made.
As sad as it is, I wish there were more bullshit carrot on a stick things like Call of Duty does, because if there were, i’d probably be playing this constantly.



#1 Shovel Knight // Retro Platformer // June

Goddamn shovel knight is so good. Probably easily the best game this year despite it’s simplicity. Tight controls, great level design, catchy music, it just does everything so well, and feels like a game designed by gamers, for gamers.


(Untried and thus unjudged, Dragon Age Inquisition, Grimrock 2, Talos Principle, Super Time force