Merry Christmas!

Super short blogpost just on the days proceedings.

Just the usual over in Mengland, a visit over to the grandparents for some casual gambling and sitting around waiting for the day to pass by – Saw Bolt too (the film) which was a pretty fun watch, though a little simplistic plotwise.

Didn’t get too much for christmas, a new desk chair which is pretty nice (and lets me retire my old chair, which is falling apart), a LoL workout vest (which probably won’t see too much use until i get DEM GAINS or something, because I look like a poser with it on), some socks…………….. and a zip hoodie which is too big for me, so we gon get a smaller size. Oh anony got me The Wolf Among Us as well, so thats neat, I only played the first episode of it, so i’ll storm through that sometime.

On the festive giving side of things, got my dad some iced tea powder(hard to come by here), mum a chromecast, and a 3ds and pokemon Y for my brother (of which I already played through and completed before giving it to him of course, but that’s its own blog post)