Happy New Years 2014/15

A happy new year to all, 2014 was a bit of a relaxed one, with no massive changes to my lifestyle for a change.

Notable events in no particular order:

– Switched departments at work from a long distance travel projects engineer, to a local breakfix engineer

– Little brother went to University

– Started becoming a regular at Astro City and met a ton of cool people

– Saw both Babymetal and Perfume live

– Saw 3 New Countries (Iceland, Thailand, Estonia) and got to play with my camera, and finally go to meet long time internet friend L-fel

– Got in my first Car Crash

– Made a sweet titanfall video

– Won almost £200 from £5 at a casino


2015 for me, I hope, Will be a year of dramatic changes, im going to make some VERY optimistic goals and resolutions, and hope for the best.

– Start going to the gym and get buff – This has kind of transcended beyond ‘lose weight’, I wanna look and feel fit.

– Skip Japanese N4, And hit Japanese N3 (at least theoretically, taking the exam might have to wait)

– Find a nice girl

– Find a better paying job

– Start to consider moving out, assuming the above comes to fruition

– Be less of an asshole (tentative)