Game Idea: Don’t text and drive

Just putting this down before I forget about it.


General concept:
Timed drive from point A to B, during which you must reach the destination in time, respond to all messages and phone calls, and not die.

Game Hook / unique feature:
Will be played using 2 controllers, ideal case scenario is a wheel/pedals and some sort of smartphone app pair, but the more likely scenario is a modern gamepad and a keyboard, or just a gamepad. The car will be controlled using the gamepad (i’m thinking both analogue sticks can be used for steering wheel, and then triggers for go/brake, and then Dpad for indicators and face buttons for maybe shifting gears or something?) and then the replying to text messages will be either using the keyboard (smartphone mode), numpad (retro mode) or controller face buttons.

Other Notes:
– A story mode, which will be a series of levels chronicling one guys life jugging his office job on the other side of the city, and his girlfriend who is constantly bitching at him. Text messages and/or calls will be morning soap opera kind of shit.
– Difficulties change the frequency/complexity of text messages, how badly everyone else drives (people undertaking you, merging without signalling first, braking without warning, schoolkids randomly running across the road, cyclists, etc) and the route (roundabouts, empty country roads but with a tight time limit, motorways)
– Extra hard difficulty might involve having a phone for work, and a phone for social – with your work phone being a nokia 3310 controlled via numpad, and your keyboard for the other phone
– Answering phonecalls possibly tilts the player POV to the left or introduces sluggishness to the controls?