Life – January 2015

Bit of a crazy month. In this month’s episode, we play vidya, start our journey to being buff ting, go on a date with a stranger, watch Nick Clegg throw a melon at a disabled person and develop yet another illness.


In terms of vidya, not too much, I started playing the latest Resident Evil (REmake HD), I also acquired a DAO Soundvoltex controller (no idea what that is? maybe this video will explain), and a Gateway 3DS card, so that’s been keeping me pretty occupied. On top of that i’ve been pretty addicted to the android game ‘Crusaders Quest’. I’ve also been trying to maximize productivity by watching anime at the same time as I play games, it’s easier than you’d think, especially if you combine easy to watch shows (Fist of the north star is my current favorite) with easy to play, non time based games (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, or the pictured Valkyria do the job decently here)

I started going to the gym about 2 weeks ago, ‘the gym’ group opened up a pretty decently sized branch near my house, and the prices they were offering were good enough for me to finally bite. I’ve been looking for a gym for a while in all honesty, but the prices combined with parking restrictions (or charges) just kind of put me off. I like the idea of getting fit, but im not so keen on the idea of paying £30+ a day. I’ve been trying to go every other day and have mostly kept to that, even if some of those days was just a quick 45min session. I haven’t changed in terms of weight much, but i’ve been slowly increasing the amount of weight that im using on the machines so there’s that at least.

I went on a Tinder date, had been talking with this girl for a month or so and finally actually met up for a few hours, it was interesting for sure, and thankfully not really awkward at all – though perhaps it’s just because she’s an easygoing and friendly person. We had steak at some place called ‘Steak & co’ which was really nice, but at the same time a little overpriced perhaps considering the nature of the restaurant… I’ll take a step back – Basically you order a steak and then they bring it out cooked way rarer than you ordered, and then you cook it the rest of the way by using a hot stone that they provide, you season it yourself and use the butter they provide. I personally like my steak rare, so the result was that I got what was basically just a raw hunk of steak. We went for frozen custard afterwards, which was a horrible idea because it was cold as fuck. Nice night out overall, we’ll see where it goes assuming she isn’t tired of me already.

Just last night me and Luke went to a live studio broadcast of a british comedy show called ‘The Last Leg’, we had to queue outside in the cold for a while but got in after maybe 45 minutes or so. By the looks of it, we were amongst the last few in because almost all of the seats were full when we got there (RIP to the other 50-100 people who were still stood queueing outside behind us). We somehow managed to get sat right at the very very front row with nobody in front of us but some moving camera crew and the actual show itself. It was a really amazing experience seeing all the cameras moving about, seeing how all the pre-recording happens, and seeing what happens behind the scenes when video plays on the TV over the show. We were lucky enough as well that that episode’s special guest was Nick Clegg, which was really interesting to watch – and I mean there was plate smashing, a melon was exploded by a sword foot, and there was some super cute blonde chick crouched near us helping with the camera cables.

Very recently, as in, just the other day, I have started experiencing a very strange phenomena where it seems my hearing is distorted. Voices almost seem like someone speaking through a fan (this is an exaggeration, but the same general effect) or like a bassy speaker which has some thin plastic laying on the side of it and is vibrating. It’s weird, scary, and pretty fucking annoying – people sound weird when they talk, music sounds like they are coming through broken equipment or like someone has been fucking with the levels in my audio player. Im hoping it goes away soon, but dil has told me to look into a condition called ‘diplacusis‘ and just going by the descriptions… yeah. It very well might be. If i really have someone acquired this condition, then jesus christ I am sick of this body of mine, just one problem after another.