3DS Games rundown (1)

Now, I actually had a reasonable amount of 3DS games from before, but nonetheless, after 2 years of owning the console I had only purchased what I deemed to be the true essentials, as at £20-£35 a game, it’s just not really something I felt I wanted to spend money on that often.

Buying a Gateway has let me play games I wouldn’t otherwise even consider spending money on, and even removes region locking so I can dick around with some japanese games too, and as an added bonus – even opens up the door to free DLC and modified games such as UnDubs (At this point, i’ve become SO used to Persona 4’s japanese voices, that the English ones just don’t sound right).


Here’s what I’ve been playing lately:

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – Which has been mostly disappointing, especially after playing Pokemon Y and all the new features that had, many of these have been stripped back for some odd reason. The ability to be able to catch most of the Legendaries is a nice touch though I guess.

Persona Q – Which, again, has been disappointing, it seems like an incredibly stripped down version of a Persona game, leaving only the dungeon crawling intact, which IMO is actually the weakest part of the game. Maybe deep down inside, i’m just waiting for a Persona dating sim.

Fantasy Life – Not the most fun game in the world, but certainly has enough pull and appeal to keep me engaged for 30 hours or so, it very much reminds me of leveling trade skills in WoW, running around trying to gather materials as multiple professions before coming back to blacksmith your way to OP status and get rich.

Tetris Ultimate – Which is shit. How did they mess up a Tetris game? Fuck sake ubisoft. Whats wrong with it? It’s plain, its a downgrade from Nintendo’s Tetris DS, and it has a shit colour scheme which makes it hard to make out the outlines of blocks. Can Akira just port TGM3 to everything?

Puyo Puyo Tetris – Which has made me realise just how bad I am at Puyo Puyo. Sadly seems to be missing marathon modes unless I’m just being blind.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 – Theres a good game in here somewhere, but Nintendo’s pandering to children and casuals have marred the experience somewhat with an overbearing amount of unskippable tutorial dialogue. I’m also not a massive fan of the episodic nature of each Mansion, which often results in you exploring the same area multiple times, instead of being like the original Luigi’s Mansion which felt more akin to a more lighthearted Resident Evil and letting the mansion itself become a massive play area itself.

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai 2 – Decent Rhythm game, filled with an adorable chibi miku. Having to unlock all the difficulties and songs is a bit of a chore.

New Super Mario Bros 2 – Meh. Fairly uninspired level design, it’s nothing you haven’t already played multiple times.

Weapon Shoppe de Omasse – I like the principle of the game, and enjoy the forging aspect, but the game rarely lets you do it, instead having you stand around waiting for text to scroll, or polishing weapons.

Zelda Majoras Mask 3D – Fantastic game, and I can definitely see why it’s a cult favorite. From what I hear, the remake has added in a lot of useful features and cleaned up the UI which i’m thankful for.

Project X Zone – It’s alright, though not as good as the average Disgaea game, and certainly not as good as Fire Emblem Awakening. The combat gets stale pretty quick, though the battle animations and large character roster are entertaining.


So of these, which would I actually deem as worth my money after playing? Honestly probably only Fantasy Life and Majoras Mask, everything else is pretty average or disappointing, which is quite a shame.