Ori and the blind forest (PC) Review

Ori and the blind forest is a metroidvania style adventure platformer by Moon studios, it’s the company’s first game and it’s a hell of a good start. Ori plays incredibly similar to drinkbox’s 2013 game Guacamelee,┬ábut swapping wrestlers for a … Read More

Cities: Skylines (PC) Review

Cities Skylines is city building sim for the PC by developer Colossal order who have previously put out the Cities in motion series (and NOT the cities XL series as I initially thought)   I would imagine (or hope) that … Read More

Life – March 2015

– Book of mormon Went to watch Book of Mormon in London the other day, admittedly hadn’t really heard a whole lot about it, and knew even less (other than that it’s written by the south park guys, and its … Read More

Brand new PC – ‘Sanshiro’

Opportunity came up the other day to upgrade, basically my parents were considering buying a new PC for the lounge as the current one (my old old one), was struggling to stream HD smoothly. So i kind of threw the … Read More