Brand new PC – ‘Sanshiro’

Opportunity came up the other day to upgrade, basically my parents were considering buying a new PC for the lounge as the current one (my old old one), was struggling to stream HD smoothly. So i kind of threw the idea out there of why not buy my old PC, and I buy a new one…

Arrived home on the Tuesday (super fast delivery from both Amazon and Ebuyer) to be greeted by an actual mountain of brown boxes, and one gigantic computer case box. From there it took me…something like 8 hours to actually get the finished new PC sorted – though that kind of includes rebuilding the old PC as well for the lounge, which involved more or less stripping the whole thing down, sans power supply (mobo backplate for cpu HSF).

Took the opportunity as well to ditch the old win7 (which had been going for about 5 years?) and do a fresh install on my new SSD, the boot speed change is ungodly – basically gone from 5-10minute startup to somewhere around 15-20 seconds, and it comes out of sleep in about 1 second (old one took about 5-10 secs).

Am also taking the opportunity to go through all my old files and have a massive cleanout and rearrange now that I have enough space to actually shuffle files about. Thought i’d change my hard drive naming scheme too while I was at it, since i’ve been using Phantasy Star Online mags for almost a whole decade now. So uh. We Jet Set now.
he computer name of course is a reference to Segata Sanshiro, but also matches nicely as Shiro is japanese for white – and that’s about as far as my imagination would get me as far as naming schemes go. (I almost called it Dreamcast 2)

GTAV can’t come out soon enough. I am so ready.