Life – March 2015

– Book of mormon

Went to watch Book of Mormon in London the other day, admittedly hadn’t really heard a whole lot about it, and knew even less (other than that it’s written by the south park guys, and its about mormons). I didn’t really know what to expect, but was honestly blown away by how good it was. It was a pretty perfect blend of comedy and musical performance – not to mention the dancing and stuff, hell even the props and stage were kind of impressive. At £47.50 for one of the lower tiers of seating, it’s definitely on the more expensive side for a night out (no idea if that’s even a lot for a musical though) but totally worth it, the show runs around 2 hours without intermission and both of those hours really fly by while you’re watching. PS i think ‘Hasa Diga Eebowai’ was my favourite song, followed by the other african song about Joseph smith.

– Job hunting again

Once again trying to find a better job, though haven’t had a whole lot of luck so far. Mostly because I dont know shit about MS server, VMware or Citrix which many places seem to want. Oh well, something will crop up eventually.. right?

– van issues

French cars certified pieces of shit. Heating has decided to stop working in the van so now I have to take a hot water bottle with me to work and have a blanket ready for backup 😐
This of course adds onto the other problems I still have from before – back door doesnt work, numerous lights not working, battery possibly draining for no reason… Sigh.

– end of anime season

End of season drawing near, Your lie in april finished today and completed a crazy rollercoaster ride at last – definitely recommend watching.
For a change I’m actually enjoying most of the shows I started watching, even idolmaster which I thought i’d drop after a few episodes, same goes for kancolle.

– Games

Sort of a replay this month – with the season pass for titanfall going free, i’ve been playing that again, and seemingly out of nowhere, my love for counter strike has been rekindled, even though I havent really played much of it since early CSS, CSGO actually seems pretty fun, and I might start playing ranked mode once I learn to stop spraying wildly.
There’s also been Hotline Miami 2 which I got for my birthday, that game is pretty hard but in a bad way, the larger and more open levels mean you’ll often get shot from outside of your viewing area, or results in having to play peakaboo with half the enemies to lure them over, Might do a review, not sure yet, but it’s probably a 3/5.
Finally I bought Cities Skylines just yesterday, which was kind of an impulse buy after thinking about the fact that I haven’t played a properly good city building game since Simcity 4 (2003), I am loving the game so far but goddamn is it hard, traffic management in particular is brutal, half of my city looks like the central london roads I hate driving on so much.

– Gym

From 11st to 10st after my diet before Christmas, and now up to 11st again after 3 months at the gym – i’m hoping it’s muscle weight, but who knows? My diet has been kind of all over the place thanks to a stupid attitude of “oh it’s okay, I can eat whatever I want as long as I work it off”, cue me eating a bucket of KFC and then going to the gym for under an hour.
I can’t say I feel much healthier or stronger but I am certainly acquiring my fair share of aches from working out there. Hopefully i’ll be in good shape by the time June (and my holiday) rolls around.