Why you should consider Heroes of the Storm

Take everything you hate about traditional MOBA, then leave the shit teammates in, and then… actually wait, put the stealth characters back too. Long story short, Heroes of the Storm might be the MOBA that gets you on the train, or gets you to change trains if you already play one of the other big MOBAs.

A quick summary of the game in comparison with other moba’s, is that blizzard seem to have tried hard to streamline the entire experience into ‘just the fun’, which results in almost a combination between traditional 3 lane MOBA, and arena style TDM.

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Heres a list of things which are different, and that I liked:

– Recharging fountains just behind first tower to help with laning phase

– Getting outplayed rather than Outgeared

– Skirmishes / Baron dance all day

– No need to fuck around with items, lets be real, you’d buy the same shit every game anyway

– No need to last hit creeps, now you can focus on last hitting your enemy in the face

– No Wards, so ganks are more effective

– Gates along with towers which introduce blind spots

– Towers have ammo systems, meaning pushing the lane to the tower is always the optimal strategy

– Talents which augment your abilities, think Diablo 3 style
– – Forgo talents for additional spells if you need them, these include poly’s, attack buffs, cooldown refreshes, and blinks. Everyone knows a spell like Blink is strong, so do you want safety or do you want carry power or an even crazier ult.

– Choice of two ults to fit your playstyle, as an example, Raynors Ult1 is great for sieging and teamfights, while Ult2 is great for single target DPS.

– Free palette swaps on skins

– Side objectives are meaningful and always give the teams something to fight over, focusing the action. 1 Man split push is rarely the correct strategy.

– Pick your hero and the game matchmakes you into a party, means you play what you want, rather than what others force you to pick

– Less reliance on an established meta

– ‘Jungle camps’ grant your team additional push/siege capabilities

– 3 Skills and 1 talent point at level 1
– – Full scale 5v5 battle over recon point at level 1

– Mana costs feel about right.

– Not played all of them yet, but i’m yet to find a hero I dislike playing as.

– No postgame chat or All Chat means you can’t flame your enemies, avoiding unnecessary salt and drama

– Granted im still relatively low level, but toxicity seems lower than other MOBA, this might change when i hit ranked/max level though. At the very least, there aren’t legions of smurf accounts waiting to fuck me up.

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Here’s some things that are bad about it

– Some Lag compensation / choppiness issues (Though these seem to be better on the 32bit client)

– Pricing model, Not enough ingame gold generation for the price of heroes.

– Less heroes than other games in genre (35)

– Still closed beta

– Can’t hard carry due to shared XP and no items.