What you should be watching this season – Spring 2015 Anime Roundup

It’s that time again, my quarterly grind of identifying which high school super power shows are bad, and which are good – but let’s be real they all probably bad.

New for this season, clicking on a show title will now take you to a torrent directory, just because it’s easier for everyone that way.


Safe for Consumption Tier

Ore monogatari


(9, 10) Despite clearly being a shojo RomCom i’m loving this show, characters are adorable – huge dude and small cute girl. I think i’ll keep watching this one for sure. Seems to be progressing pretty rapidly despite being 24 episodes, presumedly we’re in for some advanced drama.



(8,9) Show about a cat-girl trying to join the chinese zodiac by fighting the other 12 zodiac spirits. True to japanese fashion however, all of the zodiac spirits are actually adorable girls who vaguely represent their animal. For some reason, fight scenes are done entirely in CGI, with a kind of chibi style – surprisingly, it works really well, and the animation is pretty good. Etotama is a pretty brainless show, but it’s entertaining for sure.

Punch Line


(10,7) Batshit insane first ep, and a more subdued character developy second ep. I think we’re in for a good time regardless, I like the setup, and the guy that wrote 999/VLR wrote the script so hopefully it goes crazy later on, plot wise. For the meantime though, plenty of humour.

Plastic Memories

Chick on the left? Yeah thats a robot.
Chick on the left? Yeah she’s not human.

(9,7) About androids who collect other androids whose lifespan has expired. Pretty good first episode, but lackluster second means this one could swing either way. Rather large plot point introduced in second episode means show is probably going to end in tears. Also not entirely sure why androids need to use the toilet, i think there was a scene where she cried as well. it IS a android right?

Hibike! Euphonium


(9,7) As expected from kyoani, it’s basically K-On with an orchestra. Cute moe girls fawning over instruments and going to class, if that sounds like your jam, go for it.

Shokugeki no soma

zplayer 2015-04-17 18-53-04-71

(8,8) Pretty fun cooking show, feels like an anime version of Masterchef, except the main characters food is so good it literally gives people orgasms. It’s high levels of service and ‘moans’ mean it’s probably not for anime newbies, but it seems like a fun show to follow.

Yamada and the 7 witches


(8, ) Body swapping comedy, I kind of love the body swap idea, and it’s a pretty natural fit for a drama/comedy. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to romance too. Seems to have some mixed themes – was a comedy for most of the first episode and then went onto a kind of serious topic for a bit. Enjoying so far though.


zplayer 2015-04-17 18-41-46-84

AKA. Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka?
(7,8) While slightly generic in it’s fantasy RPG style setting, DanMachi has proved entertaining so far thanks to it’s cast. Hestia in particular seems to have exploded in online popularity for some reason, I guess she is pretty adorable.

Should be safe to consume Tier

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan


(7,7) Not sure exactly what the deal is with Disappearance of Nagato, it feels like it’s set in an alternate universe from the Haruhi series where Nagato is adorable and in love with Kyon. Haruhi is also in it, and as weird and hyperactive as you probably remember her. It’s not as good as I would have hoped, but Nagato is plenty adorable to watch, though I might actually prefer old Nagatoi better.

Wish upon the pleiades


(7,6) Gainax magical girl show, so expect some dark shit to happen later on down the line probably – that’s what magical girl shows do nowadays right? Nothing particularly unique about the show so far, the girls are of course in school, and then transform and ride on broomsticks to capture stars (although they are supposedly bits of spaceship or something, idk). It’s decent so far, but nothing special.

Arslan Senki


(6,7) Old timey war stuff with focus on prince Arslan who is destined to be king. Genre wise seems half and half split between drama and action. Probably worth watching, but not particularly jaw dropping 2 episodes in so don’t come complaining if it turns out a bad’un – that said, i’m hoping that it’ll eventually turn into anime game of thrones.

Show by rock! 


(6,6) I’m really not sure how to feel about this show. Its about a girl band in a world powered by music and with giant demon things – It’s part moe girls doing silly things, and then randomly goes full CGI for action/music sequences. Also the story is bizarre as hell. The world at the very least, is really cool.

‘Bin it’ Tier

Kekkai Sensen

(5, ) oh jeez. Yet another superpowered teens fighting against monsters show. Now with even more attack calling. Bonus points for semi unique weapons, minus points for post apocalyptic world. Can’t say I’d recommend this, but maybe im just getting old. At least the animation is decent.


(6,4) Seems lackluster after only 2 episodes, featuring a bunch of jokes which just aren’t really that funny. The art is kind of shitty, and i still know more or less nothing about any of the characters, and don’t really care to. The ED is good at least?

Kyoukai no Rinne

(5,2) Interesting fantasy premise, with characters being able to cross into the world of the afterlife and such. It feels like a cross between an old film called ‘Chinese ghost story’ and Doraemon. Can’t say i’d recommend this show at all though, as it’s boring as fuck and isn’t entertaining at all. It’s sort of an achievement in itself that they’ve made such an interesting world seem so very mundane.

Denpa Kyoushi / Ultimate Otaku Teacher

(4,3) Feels like it’s trying to imitate GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), except instead of cool and manly Onizuka, the teacher is a super otaku. Not really liking it much so far, and the humour really falls flat (I assume it’s trying to be funny but honestly I dont even know anymore) leaving a rather dull show without much plot or comedy. The Show also has rather impressively seems to have blown its animation budget in 0 episodes because it looks like shit. Do yourself a favour and (Re)Watch GTO instead.

Gunslinger Stratos

(3,3) Probably exactly what you’d expect from an anime adaptation of a team deathmatch third person shooter video game – a bunch of flashy fight scenes accompanied by lengthy discussion and a dumb plot of why they are fighting. That said, 2 episodes in and there hasn’t even been that much action. At least the characters look like they have some individuality I suppose.

Seraph of the end 

(4,3) Terribly generic monster slaying bullshit with zany high school antics thrown in. Main character is unlikable, side characters are forgettable… Oh and he fights with a sword, how original. There was even a ‘power of friendship’ moment thrown in for good measure. This show can go fuck itself.

Sequels Tier


Baby Steps

Kiniro Mosaic

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