Life – April 2015

Highly uneventful month or two, or however long its been since I last typed one of these up.

Currently actually typing this from a training room in Birmingham, where i’ve been learning about supermarket self checkouts (all week).

I feel like of late, my body has been completely letting me down, last week I pulled a muscle in my back while doing rows at the gym, and then this week i’ve managed to pull something in my neck while stretching/doing nothing – don’t even ask how that works, guess its just this old man body of mine.

My back was actually so bad last week that I even had to take a few days off work, however fortunately for me, GTA5 PC had only come out the day before or so, so I practically spent an entire week just banging out GTA – I think i’ve clocked around 60 hours so far, and holy shit that game is truly incredible, definitely one of the best games ive ever played, it’s a shame more of my friends don’t have it, because a lot of the online stuff is more fun with people you know. Surprisingly not regretting the full price purchase at all, seems like great value even – even for just the single player.

Err.. what else is there to mention.. I’ve been trying to learn some server software stuff by virtualizing it, that’s gone okay so far, slowly making some progress, managed to connect two virtual servers to the same domain and so on – and i’ve only locked myself out of a few user accounts, and 3 printers! so… could be worse.

Sadly not a whole lot else to talk about. Visited ed the other day and went for dinner, should be visiting my brother today and hanging out, and then might go to astro on the sunday for some vidya (apparently the pop’n might be going..)