Life – May 2015

Pretty stressful/depressing month and a half, almost half way through the year already and I feel i’ve hardly accomplished anything. Feels like i’ve just fallen into a slump – not making much progress at the gym, haven’t studied japanese in a ages, no real progress while looking for work..

I did have a few interviews with some good looking companies, but failed at interview stage, the last of which declined me on the basis of ‘I didn’t seem that interested in IT’ – which is truly a bizarre and alien concept to me.

Really not much else to document, my brother came back home from his first year of university yesterday – crazy to see what a whole year has flown by, even if my own university years similarly flew.

As far as video games go, have just been cleaning up some old games I never got round to playing, and as you can probably tell, gave some indie games a try as well, majority of which were awful, i’ve also gotten addicted to Clicker Heroes, which is basically cookie clicker but with more RPG elements and deeper upgrade/rebirth paths – give it a try if you enjoy these sort of idle/afk games.
I had to stay away from online gaming for a while because for whatever reason, my internet was being janky and laggy, just the other day I ended up dropping £55 on a new router and putting my virgin media superhub into modem mode, which seems to have resolved the issue somehow, im still not sure if it was just a signal strength issue or something else, but it was awfully bizarre – showing 30 ping but then spiking and rubberbanding constantly.

On a lighter note, Holiday in literally one week, and I can’t wait! One whole week in Hong Kong, followed by a week in South Korea! I got a new SD card for my birthday too, so expect a shitload of pictures.