Hong Kong 2015 – Day 1 – Family reunion

After a slightly concerning period involving our flight disappearing from the departures board, we boarded our plane (cathay) and endured our 12 hour flight. Didn’t sleep a wink during the whole flight, and instead spent it playing on my 3ds, listening to music and watching a almost an hour of some batshit insane bollywood comedy film called Jump Jilani, the subtitles were a rather literally translated though and im guessing Indian jokes don’t translate well to English because my god what the fuck was I watching.

Eventually landed, only to get stuck on a bus to mong kok for about an hour (probably half of which was the bus doing laps around the airport for shits and giggles.

Upon arrival in mong kok we got in contact with our airbnb host, who showed us to our nearby flat. A cosy 2 bedroom with thin doors. The flat came with some surprising features you wouldn’t normally get in a hotel room –  including a wifi hotspot running on 4g, which he said we are allowed to take with us, it would prove very useful for maps.

Starving at this point, our two pathetic meals on the plane not really doing my stomach justice. We set out to get some proper lunch and ended up in one of the many restaurants on the road outside our flat. Thought id start the holiday with something basic, so called some won ton noodles, which were nice, though the noodles stood out more than the dumplings which was a read disappointing. We did go for dessert afterwards though, a small desert parlour specialising in flaked ice –  we got a thinly shaved mango ice to go (with mango, jelly and dragon fruit).

Back to the flat for a quick nap, then off through the nearby streets to get to the metro station so we could get to sheung shui for the mandatory big family meeting. The route to the overground station goes through a pretty dense day and night market, and across a few of the overhead bridges that Hong Kong does so well. Apparently on Sundays all of the housemaids have the day off, and so to get away from home (where they might be asked to work) they go and congregate on bridges and such to hang out and eat / get their nails done / literally everything.

Over in Sheung Shui at my great granddad’s place, all the relevant uncles, aunts, cousins were present, along with granddad and aforementioned house owner. Dinner was expectedly traditional, though a mountain of lychees from China awaited us for afters.

Train and a walk back to home, with a quick stop for some dessert in a cafe. Tried Mango Cheung Fun, which was mango pieces wrapped in coconut flavour rice flour wrap.

Really not too much to report today as it was mostly just meeting up with family and adjusting to the climate.