Hong Kong 2015 – Day 3 – Peak and Computer Market

Pretty delayed start this morning, Bro and I were up at around 8am, struggling to get back to sleep, however the rest of the family were still asleep. We headed out to try and find a supposed local arcade and pre-breakfast. We stepped out into the sunlight… it was like walking into an oven, the sweat glands immediately started to do their stretch and warmup routine. The arcade was closed, which… in retrospect, makes complete sense, because it was like 9am, we headed down the road and popped into the nearby bakery – grabbed a BBQ pork bun and some bits for those waiting back home. Arrived back at the hotel to immediately sit in front of the air con and get naked. At this point, it transpired that mum had some stomach issues, so it was out into the furnace again to find some medicine. We stood in front of the ‘gastro-intestinal’ aisle at Watsons (asian pharmacy chain) for some time, trying to decipher what moon-runes we could, and scanning packaging for any hints of English we could find – then back home again.

Fast forward a few hours and one more trip to the bakery because we missed breakfast, and we were finally out of the house. There was a Michelin star restaurant on the road where we were staying, a place called One Dim Sum, a small place with constant queue outside. The restaurant had a fairly small menu encompassing the core of dim sum and little else, the food was fantastic though, and the service fast.

Finally out and about, we were off to Central via underground to meet our aunt, from there we would head to the tram station for ‘The Peak’, the tallest mountain in Hong Kong, and adorned with a somewhat odd rice bowl / trophy shaped building, it’s arguably Hong Kong’s most iconic landmark aside from it’s waterfront skyline.

One steep tram ride later (I thought it was going to do a goddamn loop the loop at one point it was going so steep…) and we were atop the mountain, and taking in some fantastic views. Pretty much everyone that goes to Hong Kong takes the same touristy photos, and the view from the peak is definitely one of them, we were semi-blessed with clear views at least, but the sky could have been a little bluer for me. At least it wasn’t rainy or foggy though, as I vaguely remember last time I went, it was thick with cloud and we were unable to see a thing.

Some sweet photography later, from multiple viewpoints, and we went off for a quick walk around the mountain path which surrounds the more commercialized area of the peak… we were told there would be some great views after a 10 minute walk – we were lied to. 15 minutes later, 1 snake scare, and a fair amount of sweat later, we gave up and headed back.

Back down the mountain and onto the train, we were now off to Sham Shui Po, for dinner and the Golden computer arcade. The latter was just outside of the station, a multi floor, packed arcade filled with probably literally hundreds of small independent computer shops.
Back in the day, this used to be THE place to purchase pirate video games and DVD’s (we’re talking PS2 and before era), however since a crackdown, the shops have gone legit and now sell genuine hardware and software. While probably the majority of shops just sell phone accessories, there were some really cool shops decked out with PC parts, peripherals and literal mountains of video games for sale. I was pretty tempted to grab a Vita for £60 or so but ‘vita got no gaem’ etc so I held off. Brother actually bought a cheapo arcade stick for about £20, kind of wish I had bought one myself if only so I could practice Tetris GM3 at home.

After some thorough browsing and working up an appetite, we headed to a local place for dinner, it’s apparently good enough to have multiple properties 2 stores away, and is well known for it’s crispy roast pork.
So that’s what we had, a large plate of roast pork, then ginger chicken, fried spicy squid, clams, fish and more. Absolutely amazing, the pork in particular was so tender, and the skin was crispy but not too hard.

Sham Sui Po is apparently not too far from Prince Edward (the area where we are staying) so we simply walked back, maybe 15-20 minutes. The weather now was a little cooler, though still hot enough to keep you on your toes. On the way back we had a fairly lengthy discussion over whether or not we should continue our itinerary as scheduled and go to South Korea – for those not in the know, S.Korea (along with Saudi Arabia) is currently having an outbreak of the MERS virus, which has claimed a few lives over there (at current count i think 7?), HK are advising citizens against travelling to korea because of this outbreak, we were actually planning to go with 2 other relatives from Hong Kong but they have since backed down and are asking for refunds because they are too scared.

Little bit of Mango Sago to takeaway, which I am eating as I type this. A somewhat uneventful day perhaps, but still some nice pictures.