Macau / HK 2015 – Day 6 – Galaxy and Temple Street

Checked out in the morning and left our luggage with staff, only one night stay in our lovely hotel sadly. Off to the food court inside the hotel mall for breakfast where I had just some bits and pieces, had a chance to try out Macau’s supposed signature food – a pork chop inside a bread roll, it was pretty nice, though the bread a little on the dry side.

Taxi ride to the Galaxy hotel, yet another gigantic hotel complex, this one large enough to pay pretty women to basically just stand around and smile at guests. The lobby of the Galaxy was gigantic, and featured a huge fountain as well as a multi colour lit ceiling and backdrop walls to hide the sprawling casino behind. Took some pictures as normal and then we started to walk off down one of the side trails.. while turning around to get a wider shot of the fountain, I noticed that the lights in the chandelier had turned off..

A roaring crack of thunder, and bright streaks of white began to tear through the long chandelier – Looked like something was about to kick off, we rushed back to see what was happening, along with just about everyone else in the area. Music started to loudly play through the speakers, and the ceiling lights danced and pulsed to the beat, segments inside the chandelier started to reposition themselves, this went on for a minute or two. Just as we thought it was over, the fountain pressure got turned to 11, and the middle segment of the fountain began to rise high into the air until it was maybe 2 or 3 meters higher than it used to be. An impressive sight, who would have thought that the fountain’s structure could move, and then… in true Macau casino style, my mind was about to get blown again.



Yep. what the fuck.

Fountain secret – pic 1  ,  Fountain secret – pic 2


We’d walk around the Galaxy some more, before eventually heading through to the Broadway Macau, a new building across the road which had apparently only opened 2 weeks ago, it contained a theatre as well as an outdoor section similar to Downtown disney – a small road filled with just food and hawker stalls, with loud music playing outdoors through speakers – it felt just like being at an amusement park. Sadly, not a whole lot else in Broadway for now, or if there was, it’s not signposted well enough for us to find it, so we headed back into the Galaxy to try our luck in the casino. No pictures as cameras are forbidden inside, they actually wanted me to put it in a bag or hand it in at a desk.

Now, regular readers may remember the last time I went to a casino, I started with £5 and walked out with close to £200 over about 3 spins of roulette, I was really hoping to keep the trend going here but well…
The first game we had a go at was apparently a chinese one called ‘Sic bo‘, the jist of which is 3 dice are rolled, and you bet on what you think they are, the machine itself was pretty unique, with touchscreen gambling terminals around a clear hemisphere in the middle with the three gigantic dice rumbling around, players can smack a big red button to whomp the dice from behind and stop the roll. I went with odds and picked low, the previous 20 rolls being about 14/20 as ‘low’, I won once, then lost 3 times in a goddamn row. $100 HKD gone.
Shit. Maybe i’ll try Roulette, as that was what I won at last time. I got my hundred dollars out and went for black… win. Sweet, black again then!….Red… then red… then red… then I had no more money. Of interesting note, number 28 did come up once, and I would have totally made some bank if I had bet on it, but shit man, what are the odds? 😐
$200 HKD gone. My family in total lost £500 HKD to that casino in about 20 minutes, though that’s still less than the minimum bet of some of the baccarat tables ($1000 HKD minimum).

Left the casino, slightly bitter, from here we wanted to check out the old town, or well, i say we, mum said it would be interesting. We walked through the heat and across the road to another area. I sort of kept expecting us to arrive, and at some point we were apparently already there. Really not a whole lot to see, though I guess the architecture of the buildings did seem more like rome or spain than somewhere next to China. Ended up in a McDonalds to cool off at some point and had some sort of apple pie inside a bowl of ice cream, was pretty good, why don’t we have that in the UK?

After baking in the heat for what felt like forever (all of my clothes literally stuck to me), we went back to the hotel to kill some time before our ferry. Laid by the pool with the shirt off and just generally relaxed while playing on my phone. This was followed by a coach back to the ferry terminal, and then a good bit of travel via both boat and train and sushi for dinner. We’d hang at our original airbnb room for a little before heading back out to Temple street Market.

Temple street is a night market, not too dissimilar from the one we visited a few days ago – tightly packed stalls in the middle of a road, with only enough room for 2 columns of people to walk through. Majority of the stalls here were the usual market crap, though there were a few more impressive ones selling hand crafted wares or jade carvings. Most of the sellers in the market give you really bad looks if you start photographing everything without buying, still snuck a few shots though.

Towards the end of the street is where things started getting a little more odd, some smaller (almost certainly unlicensed) stalls were set up, some selling things literally out of a briefcase on top of a piece of wood. There were shops selling sex toys, bongs, and other weird things here as well, with lights strung up to car batteries with some crocodile clips attached.

10/10 art right here
10/10 art right here.

Then down the next road were the fortune tellers, a whole road full of them on both sides, some were popular and had queues outside, while lonely old men filled others.
A little further and the oddities continued, there was street Karaoke…
Small shacks set up with microphones, live music and even chairs for spectators, all open air, and with their speakers blaring forwards towards the road. These karaoke shacks were almost competing with each other, literally next door and blaring out their different songs and music, people passing by would clearly divided into those who were covering their ears as they passed, bewildered tourists, and those who were far too familiar with the area to bat an eyelid.