S.Korea 2015 – Day 7 – Ehwa, Bukchon Village, Banpo bridge

Spent some time in the morning browsing the shops at Seoul Station, trying to find some nice souvenirs, but not much luck, had a chocolate donut though so was K.

We were headed to Ehwa, home of Ehwa womans university which meant the place was filled with smart looking korean girls and the shops they might go to. Had a poke around the university as well, which boasts some very impressive and unique architecture – a selection of classy looking manor houses on hills and then some form of artificial valley with a staircase which hurt to even look at.

Early lunch was curry stew with tofu and a selection of beef and octopus, nice but oh god so spicy.
Bukchon Hanok Village was next on the list, though upon arrival at the train station, and a very long walk down the road where it was supposd to be, we weren’t sure if we were already there or not… if that makes sense. The village is supposed to be a collection of old style buildings, and the road we were walking down certainly had it’s fair share of them but the effect was somewhat underwhelming. We’d turn back eventually, still unsure of whether we were looking at the right thing or not.

Trip back to Myeongdong shopping district for some final day shopping, bought a vest, top and summer jacket, but still didn’t end up buying nearly as much as I anticipated I would. Dinner at another fancy BBQ place, where we ordered far FAR too much – the amount of side dishes provided were somewhat ridiculous, 3 small pots per person for sauces alone, and then all the kimchi, radish, and so on meant that the table was quickly filled – even though we were sitting 5 on a table for 8. Great last meal though, highly recommend, owner was very friendly too – Woori Garden, Myeongdong.

Final stop of our holiday was Banpo Rainbow Bridge, situated a very long walk away from Sinbanpo station, we’d end up walking for ages until we hit the riverfront to witness the bridge show which consisted of the bridge spraying water out of it’s side with some music and lights, it was still earlyish and thus not completely dark which meant the lights were duller and less obvious than I would have liked, but oh well. Possibly more impressive was the plaza near the bridge/riverfront where groups of koreans had gathered to have picnics – they order fried chicken and beer from local shops who deliver it to them via motorbike, these guys are living the life. Also near the banpo bridge were 3 large structures lit up on the water, no idea what they were, but with lit bridges and walls it was hard not to have a wander around.

A very very long walk back to the train station, a stop off at the arcade where my eAmuse card would stop working, an ice lolly and a chilsung cider, and one final blog post and my holiday would more or less conclude.


~ Epilogue ~

Had a great time in Korea, the language barrier was a little annoying at times, and having to wear a mask on the tube was hot and bothersome (and hopefully I don’t have a case of the MERS), but other than that, South Korea has been pretty welcoming and i’d love to maybe come back some day, though I think we’ve seen the majority of Seoul now, maybe Jeju and Busan if there’s a next time?

ps. I’ve heard enough of Exo’s ‘Call me Baby’ to last me a lifetime. That shit was playing everywhere, goddamn.


S.Korea 2015 – Day 8 – Long Ride Home

Woken up at 6am, where one of the longest journeys of my life would take place…
Seoul Flat -> Seoul Station -> Incheon Airport -> Hong Kong Airport -> London Heathrow Airport -> Home
Taking a grand total of 24 hours. I slept maybe 1.5 of that, and spent the rest of the time trying to sleep, playing on my phone, playing through some of Zelda LBW, and watching films Ex Machina (SciFi Thriller, Really good!) and Love Forecast (Korean Romcom about breaking through the friendzone, also good but the ending was so very Korean…).
Considering the time zone changes, leaving at 7am Seoul, and arriving home at midnight UK – it feels like the longest day ever ~.~
I guess tomorrow I start going through the photos and cleaning up the blog posts, though I start work tomorrow again as well, brutal.