What you should be avoiding this season – Summer 2015 Anime Roundup

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Grim times. Summer 2015 brings us a ton of godawful shows, so bad that I almost didn’t even bother writing up this seasons WYSBW.

When a harem show featuring a snake woman, bird girl, and fucking centaur is one of the better shows of the season, you know you are in for some rough shit.

Sort of Watchable Tier

Monster Musume

zplayer 2015-07-28 18-49-47-99

Ridiculous harem show where all the monsters want MC’s dick. It wont be winning any awards, but it’s kind of entertaining, and you’ll probably feel bad for enjoying it.


zplayer 2015-07-28 18-53-38-57

Bit like Black Lagoon? Edgy mercenaries fighting other dudes. Not too bad, arguably the best show this season that’s trying to be serious.

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

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Sort of harem set in a school filled with weirdos, including a vampire who speaks with a kansai accent. Enjoyable, but MC is annoying.

Prison School

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There is a lot of censoring (probably best to wait for the BD rips) and the hypersexualization is kind of annoying, but it’s kinda funny, and not like anything i’ve ever seen before.

Ushio To Tora

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About a giant demon lion that hangs around with a high school boy (obviously). Seems decent, but a little bit too childish – seems like a solid pick if you like shounen stuff though.

Himouto! Umaru Chan

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Worst of this tier, not sure if i’m going to continue watching it. It’s about a nerd girl who maintains a good appearance at school and then slumps into this annoying AF chibi thing when she’s at home. Funny at times, but mostly just annoying.

Not very good Tier

Rokka: Braves of the six flowers

I totally forgot I had even seen the second episode of this show, which probably summarizes how memorable it is. They’re heroes trying to save the world or something? Meh. Its ok.


Boring and generic ‘man from this world goes to fantasy world and probably finds catgirls’ show. Wasn’t interesting enough to keep me watching.


See above. Except now we’re in a video game.


Super powered high school students agaaaaaiinnn, fucking yeeeaaah i love this shit, wow their powers are so cool except they really arent and I dont give a shit.

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Boring show about one of those chinese herbal medicine ladies going with a prince or something, reminds me a bit of ‘The world is still beautiful’ which probably isn’t a compliment.


Ranpo Kitan (Laplace)

Murder investigation high schoolers, first episode seemed alright, you might like it if you’re into murder mystery/detective shows. All of the characters so far are pretty unlikable though.


FML Tier


This is the new Seitokai yukuindono – except less funny. Pretty much just dick jokes galore, though the rampant censoring makes it kind of shitty. I didn’t really find the first episode funny at all, and it sure didn’t have a whole lot of anything else to offer.

Aoharu x Machinegun

Some shitty show about playing with BB guns. Characters werent even loli. Dropped.

Bikini Warriors


School Live!

Bunch of school children in a zombie apocalypse, but one of them has super autism and probably gets them all murdered in the end.

God Eater

Hypergeneric dudes with big weapons fighting monsters show. Might have extra value if you like the games I guess, but i’d stay away otherwise.


Didn’t even bother watching Tier

Symphogear GX , Chaos Dragon, Castle Town Dandelion, Ranpo Kitan, Classroom Crisis, everything else not mentioned…

Sequel Tier

Non Non Biyori Repeat



Deathtrap on wheels

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So the past 2 or 3 weeks i’ve been driving my company van for work as usual, however sometimes when braking while going slowly, there was a weird crunching/grinding noise coming from the front right wheel – almost as if a pebble had been caught in there or something. I honestly didnt think it was a massive deal, the car still worked fine, and the brakes worked at high speeds…

Yesterday I thought i’d call to get it booked in to be checked, however they said they couldn’t service it until 3 weeks time because they are fulled booked – the van leasing company suggested getting it checked via the RAC to make sure it was safe to drive.

So i’m pretty 50/50 on whether or not to call the RAC, mostly because I can’t be bothered to deal with the potential hire car if it comes to it (my past 2 hire vehicles have resulted in a crash and a parking fine respectively).

So I take the plunge and call the RAC out. A bloke turns up and starts to get the tire off, before he goes to take the tire off fully, he slaps it – a loud noise like grinding gears screeches out of the wheel. “by the looks of it, it’s already gone metal to metal”


So uh, apparently i’ve been driving around with no brake pads for the last few weeks. whoops.

“Your tires are also illegal”


I’ve also apparently been driving around with 2 illegal front tires, which could have landed me 6 penalty points. – As a side note, it turns out there are nails in my back 2 tires as well, meaning all 4 of my tires were basically fucked.

The RAC guy helped me get the car to the dealership where it would wait for repairs, and then it was a few hours sitting around waiting for a rental car.

An overly honest european guy eventually shows up with my replacement for the meantime, a Vauxhall Mokka, he hands me the keys and attempts to explain the procedure – I say attempts to because and I quote (and read this in a russian accent) “someone will come 2 days, if you are not in…. uh… I dont know. Maybe you call company.”

The vehicle itself is brand new, with only 400 miles on the clock, and that’s more or less where the story ends. 1 Day down and I haven’t crashed the thing yet, so theres that at least. I almost got fined for not paying the congestion charge manually though, I had to call up the company to ask :|

It also has WAY too many buttons and dials, it took me a good while to work out how to turn the headlights on.


Hyper Japan 2015 at the O2

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Got invited to go to Hyper Japan and had the day off, so went for it. My first time, was pretty interesting, with a small gaming area along with an assortment of foods and trinkets for sale, definitely looked like there was more variety of stuff to buy if you are a girl though, tons of frilly dresses and accessories and shit which I personally don’t have a whole lot of use for.

Games section was pretty crowded so I didn’t really play much, similarly the only thing I ate was some shaved ice and a fake okonomiyaki pancake thing, I say fake because it was nowhere near as good as the real thing – also it had cheese on it? I don’t remember cheese in okonomiyaki… not sure if it was a regional variant or just an excuse to give it cohesion because it wasn’t fried very well.

We checked out a few of the live performances, sadly no yun*chi this year, but we saw a bit of ‘Vaniru’ – some sort of goth rock group, who were terrible if i’m being honest. We also saw denpagumi.inc, whom I wasn’t really familiar with, yet at the same time felt like I had seen their name before at least (turns out it’s because they did the OP for the recent Punch Line anime), wasn’t familiar with any of the songs, but a hilariously hardcore glowstick filled crowd coupled with the group itself being very entertaining (ribbon streamers and summer towel waving galore) meant their performance was hard to dislike.

Life – July 2015

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Pretty alright month or so, my 17 Day holiday kind of took forever to edit the pictures for, but finally finished with all of that, I forgot how much I enjoy using my camera, as well as how hard it can sometimes be to get good shots. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a bunch of pictures and coming back to find out that they are blurred. I feel I may have become a better photographer as a result though (be wary of shooting at 1/30).

Slogging away at work again, I lost a little bit of the drive I had before to break away, we’re getting a small pay rise of like £400 next month but it’s still really not enough. I really need to get out there and get some extra qualifications but it’s just a matter of getting off my ass and doing it, hard when a lot of our shifts recently have been 10 hour ones due to it being really busy in London.

In happier news, I can finally tick off something from my new years goals list, as I guess i’m going out with a girl now? (I’ve always never been too sure at what point it turns from casual dating into ‘relationship’) Had a nice few days out, went for lobster, went to an aquarium, and we’re gonna go to hyper japan on the sunday (of which, is my first, so expect a blog post i guess). We seem to get along pretty well, she’s a bit of an oddball, but then i’m hardly normal myself.

For games, I really havent played much at all since i’ve come back, yikes. I’m not quite convinced it’s that the addiction has left me, more rather that there is nothing much to play right now. I bought infinifactory the other week which is pretty fun (3d spacechem, essentially), but oh my god i’m so bad at it and it requires so much thinking – clearly a genre geared towards people with engineering degrees or something. Been getting back into LoL a little bit, though as mentioned I never seem to have time to commit to a full game.

Anime… uh.. still actually mopping up some of last seasons shows. I’ve had a look at some of this seasons shows but what i’ve seen so far is pretty grim, with only one or two being shows that I might follow (I say that now, watch as it turns into 15 as usual).

South Korea 2015 – Photo Album

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All the blog photos from South Korea.

Y’all will be glad to know I found out why images were loading so slowly, they were 2mb each… Fixed the compression now so it should be much more manageable to load.