Life – July 2015

Pretty alright month or so, my 17 Day holiday kind of took forever to edit the pictures for, but finally finished with all of that, I forgot how much I enjoy using my camera, as well as how hard it can sometimes be to get good shots. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a bunch of pictures and coming back to find out that they are blurred. I feel I may have become a better photographer as a result though (be wary of shooting at 1/30).

Slogging away at work again, I lost a little bit of the drive I had before to break away, we’re getting a small pay rise of like £400 next month but it’s still really not enough. I really need to get out there and get some extra qualifications but it’s just a matter of getting off my ass and doing it, hard when a lot of our shifts recently have been 10 hour ones due to it being really busy in London.

In happier news, I can finally tick off something from my new years goals list, as I guess i’m going out with a girl now? (I’ve always never been too sure at what point it turns from casual dating into ‘relationship’) Had a nice few days out, went for lobster, went to an aquarium, and we’re gonna go to hyper japan on the sunday (of which, is my first, so expect a blog post i guess). We seem to get along pretty well, she’s a bit of an oddball, but then i’m hardly normal myself.

For games, I really havent played much at all since i’ve come back, yikes. I’m not quite convinced it’s that the addiction has left me, more rather that there is nothing much to play right now. I bought infinifactory the other week which is pretty fun (3d spacechem, essentially), but oh my god i’m so bad at it and it requires so much thinking – clearly a genre geared towards people with engineering degrees or something. Been getting back into LoL a little bit, though as mentioned I never seem to have time to commit to a full game.

Anime… uh.. still actually mopping up some of last seasons shows. I’ve had a look at some of this seasons shows but what i’ve seen so far is pretty grim, with only one or two being shows that I might follow (I say that now, watch as it turns into 15 as usual).