Hyper Japan 2015 at the O2

Got invited to go to Hyper Japan and had the day off, so went for it. My first time, was pretty interesting, with a small gaming area along with an assortment of foods and trinkets for sale, definitely looked like there was more variety of stuff to buy if you are a girl though, tons of frilly dresses and accessories and shit which I personally don’t have a whole lot of use for.

Games section was pretty crowded so I didn’t really play much, similarly the only thing I ate was some shaved ice and a fake okonomiyaki pancake thing, I say fake because it was nowhere near as good as the real thing – also it had cheese on it? I don’t remember cheese in okonomiyaki…┬ánot sure if it was a regional variant or just an excuse to give it cohesion because it wasn’t fried very well.

We checked out a few of the live performances, sadly no yun*chi this year, but we saw a bit of ‘Vaniru’ – some sort of goth rock group, who were terrible if i’m being honest. We also saw denpagumi.inc, whom I wasn’t really familiar with, yet at the same time felt like I had seen their name before at least (turns out it’s because they did the OP for the recent Punch Line anime), wasn’t familiar with any of the songs, but a hilariously hardcore glowstick filled crowd coupled with the group itself being very entertaining (ribbon streamers and summer towel waving galore) meant their performance was hard to dislike.