Deathtrap on wheels

So the past 2 or 3 weeks i’ve been driving my company van for work as usual, however sometimes when braking while going slowly, there was a weird crunching/grinding noise coming from the front right wheel – almost as if a pebble had been caught in there or something. I honestly didnt think it was a massive deal, the car still worked fine, and the brakes worked at high speeds…

Yesterday I thought i’d call to get it booked in to be checked, however they said they couldn’t service it until 3 weeks time because they are fulled booked – the van leasing company suggested getting it checked via the RAC to make sure it was safe to drive.

So i’m pretty 50/50 on whether or not to call the RAC, mostly because I can’t be bothered to deal with the potential hire car if it comes to it (my past 2 hire vehicles have resulted in a crash and a parking fine respectively).

So I take the plunge and call the RAC out. A bloke turns up and starts to get the tire off, before he goes to take the tire off fully, he slaps it – a loud noise like grinding gears screeches out of the wheel. “by the looks of it, it’s already gone metal to metal”


So uh, apparently i’ve been driving around with no brake pads for the last few weeks. whoops.

“Your tires are also illegal”


I’ve also apparently been driving around with 2 illegal front tires, which could have landed me 6 penalty points. – As a side note, it turns out there are nails in my back 2 tires as well, meaning all 4 of my tires were basically fucked.

The RAC guy helped me get the car to the dealership where it would wait for repairs, and then it was a few hours sitting around waiting for a rental car.

An overly honest european guy eventually shows up with my replacement for the meantime, a Vauxhall Mokka, he hands me the keys and attempts to explain the procedure – I say attempts to because and I quote (and read this in a russian accent) “someone will come 2 days, if you are not in…. uh… I dont know. Maybe you call company.”

The vehicle itself is brand new, with only 400 miles on the clock, and that’s more or less where the story ends. 1 Day down and I haven’t crashed the thing yet, so theres that at least. I almost got fined for not paying the congestion charge manually though, I had to call up the company to ask 😐

It also has WAY too many buttons and dials, it took me a good while to work out how to turn the headlights on.